BD Insider, Letter 88: Tech PR, Bitmama Credit Programme, Tech in Northern Nigeria

Letter 88 covers the emerging tech ecosystem in Northern Nigeria, Bitmama Credits Programme, the importance of tech PR amongst other issues.

BD Insider, Letter 88: Tech PR, Bitmama Credit Programme, Tech in Northern Nigeria

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If you were the founder and CEO of a tech startup and you have only two dollars left, how would you spend it? The co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates said he’ll spend one dollar on public relations (PR).

The importance of PR, or tech PR in the case of startups, can’t be overemphasized. With good PR, tech companies can build their reputation, which in turn leads to increased revenue. Learn more on how startups can build their reputation with tech PR.

In Letter 88, we are covering:

  • What’s happening inside the emerging tech ecosystem in Northern Nigeria
  • Bitmama’s plan to enable young people to transition into the blockchain industry
  • How an Iranian hacking group, called Lyceum, is targeting telecoms in Africa

As always, we also share job opportunities, fundraise and other things we found interesting within the last week. Let’s go inside!

Inside the emerging tech ecosystem in northern Nigeria

Oftentimes when you see Northern Nigeria in the media, it’s rarely about tech. Most of the news comes with gory images from Boko Haram’s attack in the North-East; bandits kidnapping travellers in the North West or farmers-herders clashes in the North Central.

So I put on my solution journalism glasses and explored the efforts of stakeholders in the northern Nigeria tech ecosystem to change this narrative. And indeed, they are building communities and training across the region.

Read all the juicy details about the tech ecosystem in northern Nigeria here.

Bitmama wants to enable young people to transition into the blockchain industry

Bitmama, a female-led blockchain technology startup in Nigeria, has launched Bitmama Credit Programme (BCP) to provide digital natives with blockchain learning materials, internships, community, and venture support.

BCP will commence next year with a learning curriculum covering cryptocurrencies, decentralised finance, NFTs, DAOs, and web 3.0. It’ll have beginners, intermediate, and advanced tracks.

Iranian hacking group is targeting telecoms in Africa — NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has reported that Lyceum, an Iranian hacking group is targeting telecommunications companies, internet service providers and Ministries of Foreign Affairs in Africa “with an upgraded malware in recent politically motivated attacks oriented in cyberespionage”.

The Nigerian Computer Emergency Response Team (ngCERT) said the probability and damage level of the new malware is high. But here’s how to stay safe from these hackers.

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Written by: Johnstone Kpilaakaa
Edited by: Daniel Iyanda

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