Bitmama to enable digital natives transitioning into the blockchain industry

Bitmama has launched the "Bitmama Credit Programme" to equip digital natives globally with skills and resources that will position them in the blockchain ecosystem.

Bitmama to enable digital natives transitioning into the blockchain industry

Bitmama, a female-led blockchain technology startup has launched "Bitmama Credit Programme" to provide digital natives with blockchain learning materials, internships, community, and venture support.

According to Chainalysis, Africa's cryptocurrency market has grown by almost 1200% in the last one year—more than any other region. This growth puts the local crypto ecosystem's value at $105.6 billion as at the time of the report.

Even though adoption is still at 10% among over internet users around the world, growth is evident. The programme will be launched in Q1 of 2022 and its aimed at young people working in tech and and blockchain enthusiasts.  

Ruth Iselema, CEO at Bitmama said "while blockchain is the future, a lot of young people do not realis it yet or it is still vague to a lot. As a company, we are right at the forefront of simplifying crypto access for millions of people, which is evident in our products. This Credits programme is one of the ways we want to help make crypto mainstream".

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To ensure efficiency, a global learning curriculum covering cryptos, defi, NFTs, DAOs, and web3.0 for beginners, intermediate and advanced tracks into the ecosystem will be used.

"This is a major investment for us, but it is an investment back into our community and as you may know, building strong communities is one of the anchors of the blockchain ecosystem", Ebovi Wali, Chief Growth Officer at Bitmama added.

Selected recipients of the Credits will also have access to internship opportunities within Bitmama and other blockchain firms.

This launch is coming few weeks after Bitmama announced that it will support 50 engineers across Africa through the AltSchool programme in order to drive blockchain adoption, increase the early talent pool in blockchain and balance the current gender parity within the blockchain ecosystem — 50% of the supported applicants will be female engineers.

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