BD Expert Contributor's Network

About Contributor's Network

In September 2022, we launched a web series in partnership with Jeremiah Ajayi. For over a year, Jeremiah has been a guest contributor, publishing some of our impactful reports.

Here’s it, we believe that we have a cream of readers that are brilliant with insightful perspectives on different issues that are affecting the African tech ecosystem. In the past, we have received guest articles—that we published and sometimes, we missed out on the requests and were unable to follow up properly.

Aware of the aforementioned, we have launched the Contributors’ Network, a community of volunteer contributors who will at their convenience share brilliant analyses of the African tech ecosystem.

What Content Will Be Accepted?

Opinions and analysis about the African tech ecosystem. We will not accept news stories, except scoops that are very important. All our content are written in British English. Study the BD Style Guide to better understand our editorial rules.

Example Of Stories We Accept

  1. The exciting relationship between women and mobile money in Africa by Rashi Gupta, Group Chief Operating Officer at MFS Africa
  2. Inside the hell that Lagos tech bros go through to rent a house by Alex Omenye is a Nigerian writer
  3. These Nigerian women talk about balancing their tech careers and motherhood by Joyce Imiegha and Toyosi Adebusuyi; storytellers at Reneé PR,

Will You Steal My Ideas?

No, we are a newsroom that abides by journalism ethics and intellectual theft is not something we will indulge in. All submitted articles if approved will be published.

However, we will also inform you with evidence, in a case where our in-house reporters or another contributor was working on a similar report. In such situations, we might suggest a collaborative coverage.

Do You Accept All Contributions?

No, we will only approve and published content that are in line with our editorial guidelines and our coverage focus. We will also not accept content that has already been published elsewhere, except if its under a creative commons.

Any Benefits?

As a member of our contributors’ network, we might commission you to write a paid analysis. Also, you will get exclusive access to our events and a discount on our paid content, which are usually in-depth information.

How Do I Submit Content?

You can send your contributions to us via this form.