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Sponsored posts Company announcements to the public like Product launch, events, partnerships, rebranding, and guest post.
Spotlight posts A deep dive into your portfolio or with little or no reference to competitors. This will help introduce you to our business and tech community in an organic way.
Email marketing Sponsor one newsletter, which exposes you to our subscribers and ensures direct marketing to a focused group. You will be branded right at the top of the newsletter with a link to your website or brand page.
List as an item Be included as one of our newsworthy items (depends on ad-type). Some of the newsworthy items could be sponsored articles and job opening adverts.
Banner ads Have a large clickable banner that markets your brand will be placed at the top of each page on our site.
Event management We can work with you to create an event on a relevant subject that positions you as a thought leader or ecosystem orchestrator
Note: We do not Buy or Sell links
We want to clarify that we do not engage in buying or selling links. Our advertising practices prioritize authenticity and integrity. We believe in fostering genuine connections and providing valuable content to our audience.

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