BD Insider, Letter 89: $ECHOKE social token, DevKids shutdown

BD Insider, Letter 89 covers $ECHOKE social token launch, DevKids shutdown, ImaliPay's partnership with Cellulant and other things you will find interesting.

BD Insider, Letter 89: $ECHOKE social token, DevKids shutdown

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Have you ever wondered how NFTs are related to Web3.0?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are an important feature of Web3.0. They are typically used as certificates of ownership for digital objects like artworks. And being non-fungible means they are unique and irreplaceable.

In October, Eva Beylin’s meme “Love in The Time of Web3”; showing a cartoon couple admiring the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum, got over a million impressions after Elon Musk tweeted it. Two days later, Beylin listed it as an NFT; the meme was sold at about $20,000.

Just last week, a Nigerian artiste Davido [in collaboration with Bitsika and Nestcoin] launched the ECHOKE social token. The token will enable fans to list NFTs, participate in giveaways, festivals, exclusive merchandise, and other entertainment, media, and hospitality benefits.

Aside from the $ECHOKE launch, in this letter, we are also covering:

  • Why uLesson has discontinued DevKids
  • ImaliPay’s partnership with Cellulant to drive gig workers' financial inclusion
  • Tech Word of the Week: Platform as a Service

Why uLesson has discontinued DevKids
Last Thursday, we exclusively reported that uLesson has discontinued DevKids, its virtual coding classes for kids.

A source familiar with the issue told us "the cost of acquiring clients and customers were very high compared to the returns and revenue. Although, from the mail [referring to an internal memo], Devkids may or may not come back".

In the meantime, the sign-up feature on DevKids’ website has been disabled.

What does the partnership between ImaliPay and Cellulant mean?
ImaliPay has partnered with Cellulant to leverage the Pan-African payments company's infrastructure and solutions in Kenya and Nigeria.

The partnership would allow ImaliPay to further enhance the financial inclusion of gig workers across Africa. ImaliPay users would have easy access to financial services through Cellulant's payment rails. Find out more.

Tech Word for the Week: Platform as a Service (PaaS)
PaaS enables developers to use software developed by third-party vendors that mimic the features and functionalities of their desired project to build, deploy and scale their applications.

It’s a good choice for developers who are not interested in customising their underlying infrastructure or DevOps and just want to focus on coding. Want to know more? Read this explainer.

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Written by: Johnstone Kpilaakaa
Edited by: Daniel Iyanda

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