22 of our most-viewed articles in 2022

Of the thousands of articles that we've published, these are the 22 most read.

22 of our most-viewed articles in 2022
Best of BD in 2022

In a few hours, 2022 will come to an end! All through the year, we were at the forefront of informing you about the happenings in the tech and business landscape in Africa.

We did not just break the news, but we helped you to understand the news and its implications. As the year is coming to an end, we want to share with you some of the articles that you and most of our audience read this year.

Since it's 2022, we will share with you the 22 most-read articles.

Our top articles this year were those on career-focused subjects. As well as listicles about startups and tech entrepreneurs. Two news reports about acquisitions also made the list as well as an article about Ted Oladele, Flutterwave VP of Design.

  1. 20 top tech skills that require no coding: Oluwadara’s article on no-code skills topped the list! In this article, he outlines 20 tech skills that individuals can use to get into tech without learning how to code.
  2. Succeeding in tech as a non-technical person: How these 20 pros did it: This guest article by Jeremiah Ajayi features the stories of 20 non-tech professionals.
  3. What's up with virtual dollar cards in Nigeria?: Following the suspension of virtual dollar card services in Nigeria and other parts of Africa by several providers in July 2022, Benjamin wrote an in-depth explainer on the issue.
  4. Virtual dollar cards that are active in Nigeria: This article was a follow to the previous one, Oluwadara curated a list of virtual dollar cards in Nigeria at the time.
  5. Five things to know before relocating to Rwanda: This article was among the top 10 in 2021 and it has made the list again. Seems many people want to move to Rwanda. This was a guest article by Gary Layn, a content writer and strategist at CyberRwanda.
  6. Flutterwave VP Design, Ted Oladele: "I am not a designer": A 2,000-word deep dive by Benjamin Dada on the background, work philosophy and future plans of “one of the most impactful tech people in Nigeria”.
  7. Top 10 tech companies to work for in Nigeria: A 2019 article by Daniel Iyanda on the top tech companies to work for in Nigeria.
  8. How to be an angel investor with less than $3000: In this 2021 article, Daniel wrote another insightful article on how to be an angel investor with less than $3,000.
  9. 10 places you can learn how to code in Nigeria: Another 2019 article made the list! This piece is a listicle of coding learning institutions in Nigeria.
  10. Nine Nigerian entrepreneurs leading the way for immigrants in the US: In January 2022, we tweeted this 2021 article by Afolabi Ijaoba following a heated social media debate on Nigerian immigrants in the US. The tweet had over 87k impressions.
“The continued appearance of some of our old articles shows that those subjects are evergreen, meaning that people are always looking out for answers on those issues, unlike news items that last only for a while,” according to Anda Usman, Growth Lead at “We will continue to write articles that provide answers to our target audience.”

11. 25 startups changing Africa's healthcare system: A well-run health system is vital to the well-being of any economy, Dara curated a list of 25 African health tech startups.

12. 32 tech communities that can accelerate your career: This article from 2019 by Daniel Iyanda details the communities for developers, designers and marketers.

13. All you need to know about SantaBen 2022: An announcement on the application process for Benjamin Dada’s annual giveaway—Santa Ben.

14. Ride-hailing companies in Nigeria other than Uber and Bolt: A listicle on alternatives to the most popular ride-hailing companies operating in Nigeria.

15. These edtech startups are revolutionizing education in Africa: This article details some of the African edtech companies and their functions as well as modes of operation.

16. Eden Life acquires Lynk for strategic partnership in Kenya: A news report on the expansion of Nigerian tech company, Eden Life into Kenya via the acquisition of Lynk, a company in the East African country.

17. CAC Certificate will now come with a tax identification number: The appearance of this 2020 article by Daniel Iyanda on this top 22 list shows that more Nigerians are looking forward to registering their businesses.

18. Ten female Nigeria tech professionals: In this 2021 article, Marvis Kamalu writes about ten Nigerian women that are leveraging tech to solve problems in their communities.

19. The African startups in Y Combinator summer batch 2022: We were arguably the first tech media outlet on the continent to publish the list of startups in the Y Combinator 2022 summer batch.

20. Fifteen global accelerators accepting Nigeria startups:

21. Ten best ways to make money online in Nigeria: This sponsored article by Tonic Technologies made the list. Exciting!

22. Payhippo acquires Maritime Microfinance Bank: We were one of the first outlets to break this acquisition by Payhippo.

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