Nigerian web hosting company Whogohost rebrands as GO54

Whogohost, a leading African digital infrastructure provider, has rebranded as GO54 and set its sights on empowering businesses across the continent's 54 nations.

Nigerian web hosting company Whogohost rebrands as GO54
Whogohost is now GO54

Whogohost, a leading African digital infrastructure provider has rebranded to GO54. "Today is a milestone in our evolution into a dedicated business partner for businesses online. Our mission is crystal clear: empower individuals and businesses to thrive. We do that online through online in the digital age," says Toluwani Adejuyigbe, CEO of GO54. "We understand the online world is where it's at, and we're here to be a trusted partner every step of the way."

The new name takes its roots from the ‘GO’ in its former name Whogohost, the driving force as businesses go online, with ‘54’ highlighting its near-term ambitions to expand across Africa.

"We're not just changing our name," according to Adejuyigbe. "We're enabling online presence in an easy, simple and affordable way and redefining what it means to succeed online. GO54 is a launchpad to the future, built with the innovation, security, and support every individual and business needs to achieve its dreams."

Founded in 2005, GO54 (formerly known as Whogohost) has grown to become the largest domain and hosting provider across West Africa; registering over 300,000 domains. With the recent rebrand, the company is re-entering the market with a new product suite of offerings that will empower businesses in every step of their journey. Following the announcement, GO54 users will be able to access an AI-powered website builder, email marketing, bulk SMS, link-in-bio products and payment links.

In 2023, GO54 acquired SendChamp, a startup that helps African businesses with online messaging. The purchase price wasn't revealed, but GO54 disclosed that it will use SendChamp's products for marketing messages, one-time passwords (OTPs), and customer support systems for its over 130 users.

"We received offers from a number of businesses across diverse industries at different points in our journey but ultimately went with Whogohost when an offer came given the synergies between our products and strategic positioning are clear," according to Goodness Kayode, co-founder and CEO of SendChamp.

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