Uber and Lori systems—two of the companies changing the transport and logistics landscape across Africa and globally—have been announced as partners for the TC Mobility Townhall.

Uber first launched its ride-hailing service in 2013 in South Africa, setting off an explosive rise in the number of ride-hailing and tech-driven transport and logistics solutions. Uber itself has expanded to about seven African nations, it has 5 million customers and has signed up 150,000 drivers. Uber’s GM of West Africa, Lola Kassim will speak to the company’s journey in a fireside chat about “Uber as a platform: Providing mobility options in emerging markets.” The session will provide insights for startups looking to scale their companies and investors who want to understand the sector’s growth prospects.

Freight logistics company, Lori Systems is also a partner on the event. The company has built a technology platform that makes it easier for cargo owners to get their goods delivered on time and on budget. Its supply chain management system brings transparency and provides significantly improved flexibility, reliability, and cost savings above 18%, savings that can be passed onto customers or the company bottom line.

Lori’s COO, Uche Ogboi will join an operator panel about Africa’s haulage tech opportunity. Her panel will discuss tech-enabled logistics platforms and the impact they are having on supply chains and the movement of goods across the continent.

Also speaking at the event is the newly appointed Lagos State Commissioner of Transport, Dr Frederic Oladeinde. He is one of the confirmed speakers for the regulator session at TC Townhall: Mobility. He will speak alongside Mr Oluwadamilola Emmanuel, GM, Lagos State Waterways; Nigeria’s former minister of communications and senior partner at TLcom Capital, Dr Omobola Johnson; Obi Ozor, CEO at Kobo360; Taiwo Ketiku, VP Investments at EchoVC; Chinedu Azodoh, CGO/Cofounder at MAX; and Oluwatoyin Oshinowo, CTO at FieldInsight.

Organizations and startups whose operations are hinged on the efficient movement of goods and services will be able to engage and network with the leaders of the biggest logistics tech companies in the sector.

TC Townhall: Mobility will feature fireside chats, panel sessions, interactive workshops and product demos aimed at providing deeps insights about the sector, the regulatory and infrastructural challenges that exist and what all stakeholders need to do to grow the industry. The event will provide deep insights into the sector and set an agenda for future growth. It will offer newcomers to the sector and players in adjacent sectors insight into what the most influential startups are doing.

Smaller startups in this space will get to hear the biggest investors speak about what they value they look for as they make their investment decisions. Investors will find a rich gathering of the most innovative up and coming startups in the space showcasing their solutions. And regulators will have the opportunity to speak with the biggest players and investors, directly sharing knowledge about their concerns, what they need for success and what will convince them to invest even more money in these sectors.

Law firm, Odunjinrin and Adefulu will hold legal and regulatory workshops to help operators, investors and service providers understand the evolving regulatory framework guiding the sector.