BD Insider, Letter 91: How Seamfix is powering seamless digital transformation

In BD Insider, Letter 91 covers how Seamfix is powering seamless digital transformation and how Mansa connects trustworthy African companies with global investors.

BD Insider, Letter 91: How Seamfix is powering seamless digital transformation

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Today we will look at:

  • How identity verification is solving African startups’ challenges
  • NIMC’s commitment to effective identity management in Nigeria
  • Tech Word for the Week: Identity Management

As usual, we will also share opportunities and other things that we find interesting. Let’s dive in!

How identity verification is solving African startups’ challenges.

The digital economy has come to stay, it will keep evolving and the implication of this is that fraud and data breaches will also be on the increase as cybercriminals will also devise more innovative ways to steal.

Verified, a Seamfix identity verification software takes care of the identity verification process better than any other manual/alternate process – as it breezes through KYC compliance with faster and safer customer onboarding.  

Identity Verification is a lifesaver in a world where one comment from an Instagram account can undo all an organization’s hard work. Verified is more than an approach to avoid online fraud, it is a regulatory requirement to ensure customer’s data protection and privacy.

Read more on how Identity Verification is solving some of the biggest challenges that African startups face.

NIMC calls for collaboration to effective identity management in Nigeria

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has called for collaboration from relevant stakeholders to enable a robust identity in Nigeria. “NIMC cannot do it alone, and as such, we will continue to seek collaboration from stakeholders and particularly from 9mobile, one of our most trusted allies”, Aliyu Aziz, Director-General, NIMC stated last week during a capacity building workshop organised by the commission.

Especially with the increased security challenges in the country, experts have suggested that aside from the periodic shutting down of telecoms operations, an effective identity management system will enable security efforts.

Prior to Dr Aziz's call, Seamfix partnered with NIMC, to build the Android NIN Enrolment Software (AES) to facilitate the accessibility of NIN enrolment to all Nigerians.

In July, NIMC recorded 67 million unique registrations for the National Identity Number (NIN) with 52,356 coming from the Diaspora. Meanwhile, Lagos, Kano and Kaduna have the highest enrollment while Cross River, Ebonyi and Bayelsa States recorded the lowest.

Tech Word for the Week: Identity Management

Identity management covers the technical details of your digital identity's lifecycle [from creating accounts, assigning correct groups and permissions, setting and resetting passwords]. The goal of identity management is to automate as much as possible therefore reducing operational costs and improving security.

Learn more about how it works here.

About Seamfix

Seamfix takes identity management to the max by building platforms that enable businesses in every industry to capture the digital identities of their customers, and validate these identities against all national databases (we are connected to) all in one suite.

Currently, the identity management company enables the verification of unique identifiers such as Bank Verification Numbers and National Identity Numbers (for Nigerians only) to ensure that organizations collect only clean data to be gleaned for insights.

Seamfix has empowered over 230k people with valid identities this year alone, enabling them to access the digital economy from any location. Get started with Seamfix's Verified!

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Curated by: Johnstone Kpilaakaa. Edited by: Daniel Iyanda

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