After 8 months in stealth mode, SendChamp is thrilled to announce that it has raised $100,000 to bridge the communications gap for African businesses. The close of the round also marks the public launch of the startup’s offerings, as it exits a private beta.

This angel round saw participation from local angel syndicates like DFSLAB, Hustler Capital, Hoaq Club, Velocity Digital, and angel investors including Prosper Otemuyiwa, Samson Goddy, Merijn Campsteyn, Ayo Arikawe, and Lanre Ogungbe.

Founded by Goodness Kayode and Damilola Olotu, SendChamp’s mission is to improve customer relations for technical and non-technical business owners. Prior to his time at SendChamp, Goodness, who functions as CEO, led operations at Sprinble—a software development agency that built solutions for businesses like Carbon, Kudi, Coronation Registrars, ALML Group, etc. Damilola Olotu, who is the CTO, also formerly worked as a Software Engineer with Baxi (Capricorn), UpperLink, and other companies in the Nigerian tech ecosystem.

African businesses still face many issues when it comes to managing communication with their customers. Communication channels are mostly singly-channel platforms, which lead to fragmentation in messaging. While unified message-delivery solutions exist globally, African businesses are cut off, either due to service restrictions or have to grapple with poor delivery from nonchalant global service providers. Globally, the unified communications market is estimated to be worth over $78.33 billion with Africa’s market valued at $4.7 billion at a 27% YoY growth rate.

Through its solutions, SendChamp allows African businesses to create deeper relationships with their customers. The startup’s multi-channel APIs allow users to deliver messaging across multiple channels including SMS, WhatsApp, Email, and voice. The CRM solution, on the other hand, allows both developers and non-technical business people to manage customer relations more effectively. Altogether, SendChamp’s solutions allow their users to provide fast and reliable answers to their customers across all relevant channels, revolutionising customer relations on the continent.

Damilola Olotu, the company’s CTO, says about the company’s products “With SendChamp, users can carry out multi-channel verification, communication, create customer groups, personalise messages, engage customers, and monitor communications through insights provided by SendChamp’s Reports. Our APIs and No code tools help businesses from the stage of Customer Onboarding, Customer Engagement, Customer Service & Customer Retention.”

Although the startup is just coming out of its private beta, SendChamp has already worked with renowned businesses like TeamApt, Bumpa, Selar, Flux, and Edves to reach and engage customers. Over the last months years, it has helped these companies power over 3 million messages to 300,000+ customers, helping their lead generation and conversion efforts. The company has also built a developer community of over 500 people since it started.

Speaking on the recently concluded round, SendChamp CEO and Co-founder, Goodness Kayode, commented saying “We’re thrilled to have concluded this round, backed by some of the most helpful investors in the African ecosystem. As a company, we’re committed to helping African businesses improve their relationships with their customers by building the simplest solution on the market.

We have a lot more non-technical business people than technical and we are building largely for them. We want technical and non-technical business people to be able to communicate effectively with their customers via multiple messaging channels from a single platform .”

Stephen Deng, Partner at DFSLAB "SendChamp is building the core communications layer of the digital commerce stack on the continent and they're leveraging no-code tools so that sellers large and small can easily manage their audiences and grow their businesses. This team has a world-class knack for customer-centricity and DFS Lab is extremely excited to back a team that can execute at this level."

Following its raise, SendChamp intends to deepen product development and expand the team. The startup also recently expanded its presence to Kenya —proof that it takes its promise of powering African businesses very seriously.

About SendChamp

SendChamp is a unified communications startup focused on helping African businesses improve communications and develop better relationships with their users. Founded by Goodness Kayode and Damilola Olotu, the startup aims to address the communications gap between businesses and their customers by building "stupid easy-to-use" solutions for businesses. Since its launch, the startup has worked with multiple businesses to reach over 300,000 people.