Enye celebrated its 5th Founders and Engineering Cohort with a Demo Day on Saturday 15th May 2021.

The event held at The Nest Innovation Technology Park, Yaba on Saturday, May 15, 2021. It was the culmination of activities from the two-month cohort which began March 2021.

Kicking off the event, Enye CEO Uche Nnadi reiterated the organization’s primary objective, which is to create jobs and help the best ideas grow. True to promise, the 10 founders and engineers who demoed their products drew applause and positive feedback from the audience.

Uche Nnadi, CEO of Enye

Enye Demo Day 5 welcomed community stakeholders including investors, software engineers, partners, founders, and engineers. The founding teams demoed products in  finance, logistics, healthcare, construction, fashion, and real estate industries.

Founding Teams

  • Build My House: a startup with a specialised/niche marketplace for housing products and services. It's aim is to link demand and supply for household items, construction materials and home management services.
  • Twinku: helps users to connect their valuable financial accounts and assets that matter to them and their loved ones, all in one place.
  • Crivlar: a startup that wants to improve long, repetitive onboarding processes for users by building a single digital identity gateway for the web.
  • Ekolaundry: Provide customized and budget-friendly laundry care specific to the individual users’ needs while allowing users to spend free time doing things they
    find productive or fun.
  • Livrite: a startup that is facilitating quick access to patient emergency information
  • Rentgage: a startup looking to tackle Nigeria's housing problems by providing a digital-based real estate marketplace where eligible users’ yearly rents are underwritten for a premium which users pay back on a monthly basis.
  • Stokkpile: a startup which helps users amass construction materials with as little as 200 naira through recurrent deposits.
  • Aderah: a smart, convenient solution to serve the fashion industry and bring designers and tailors closer to their customers.
  • Medicaly, a solution to reduce wait times at hospitals and provide prompt virtual healthcare services, and a solution to reduce wait times at hospitals and provide prompt virtual healthcare services
  • iSabiDeliver who built a one-stop API to transform logistics in Nigeria.

About the Enye Cohorts

In the newest iteration of the Enye cohort, two programs run concurrently: the Founders program which helps founders build out their MVPs, and the Software Engineering Cohort which design thinking, Agile methodologies, and product life cycles to help cohort members skill up.

In each cohort, engineers undergo a two-month intensive training in product development, distributed teamwork and with founders who are provided with project management support and investment readiness.

The Enye Founders Program helps entrepreneurs tackle real-world problems in health, education, transportation, financial, and other socially impactful areas. The founders are all vetted through Enye’s partners (i.e. FMCB, Founder Institute, Wennovation Hub, etc.). In collaboration with Founder Institute Lagos, Enye created a Frontiers Technology Fellowship for each cohort of both the Enye Founders’ Program and Founder Institute’s in Lagos, Nigeria.

Commenting on plans for the future, Enye CEO, Uche Nnadi said, “The next major phase will build on what we have started. We want to give founders and engineers the right tools and skillset to run successful companies. We will help with mentoring, networking, and funding.”