Enye is now accepting applications into its fifth software engineering cohort.

Through the previous four cohorts, Enye has trained over 40 software engineers and placed them at organisations like IBM, Tribl, SumoSoft, JoyUp, Food4All, Seamfix, et cetera.

For Cohort 5, the facilitators will apply product-minded engineering to teach cutting-edge tech, including React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Firebase, GraphQL, Jest, Git, and Node, at no upfront cost. The cohort is fully remote and encourages distributed teamwork. You can apply to be part of the cohort here.

When Enye launched its first software engineering cohort four years ago, the founding members wanted to offer young Nigerians more than just a coding boot camp. They wanted to build a unique not-for-profit program designed to help software engineers.

Enye runs two programs that intersect: the Enye Software Engineering Cohort and the Enye Founder Program.

The engineering cohort applies design thinking, Agile methodologies, and product life cycles to help cohort members skill up. Participants undergo intensive training in full-stack development, server-less architecture, peer-programming, distributed teamwork, testing, CI/CD, idea sharing, and conditioning programs.

As part of the program, software engineers work together with local founders to build out real-world solutions.

In 2020, Enye partnered with Founder Institute Lagos, Ingressive For Good, FCMB Hub One, Seamfix, and CodeLn to further support software engineers and founders. November 2020 saw Enye organising its first hackathon in collaboration with Mono.

“An engineer can not only just be able to write code. That is the base,” Enye CEO Uche Nnadi says. “Writing code is expected of a software engineer. Software engineers must be able to have multi-faceted skills, like being product-minded, being able to think about the architecture of the product. Software engineers must be able to be part of the ideation process, as well as the development life-cycle.

“By mentoring software engineers in the Enye cohort, we are giving a platform and a framework for people to apply critical thinking, and then apply said framework to their own way of problem-solving.”

The ideal applicants are intermediate software developers who are driven, self-motivated, and love to build solutions. Enye Software Engineering Cohort 5 is currently open for applications. Apply here.