Dojah partners to host Twitter Spaces on user identity protection in Web3

How users can manage their identity and prevent business fraud in Web3

Dojah partners to host Twitter Spaces on user identity protection in Web3

Dojah has partnered with to host a series of Twitter Spaces focused on digital identity. The debut session will be on identity management and business fraud prevention in Web3.

The session is scheduled for July 6, 2022, at 7:00 PM (WAT), Jude Dike, CEO of GetEquity, Adora Nwodo, a Software Engineer at Microsoft and Timilehin Omotosho, a Product Manager at Dojah will share insights on how users and businesses can protect themselves and their businesses from fraud.

Identity theft, internet fraud, and scams are problems rife in Web2. Every now and then, there’s always a case of online fraud, consumer data risks, and phishing scams.

In haste to explore the exciting features of the internet, many people respond to “spam,” unsolicited emails and inadvertently provide personal information. A typical example is the case of a Nigerian convicted for defrauding some Norwegian citizens for €64,000.

Many people herald Web3 as the viable solution to some of these problems as it is decentralised, uncensored and undemocratic. But according to a report by Forrester, all is not as straightforward as anticipated as Web3.0 could also be a breeding ground for fraudsters.

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Why are we doing this with Dojah?

Dojah is an all-in-one identification and verification platform for tech companies in Africa. Through its no-code tools and services, Dojah helps businesses with user onboarding, KYC, fraud detection, biometric verification, AML and more.

"Solving onboarding issues for businesses across Africa involves ensuring that a customer gets to the highest KYC level required to get value for the service they are registering for," Tobi Ololade, Dojah's CEO said. "We have built multiple methods for businesses to make this possible and that's why we call it a pack—APIs, widgets, direct usage via No Code Tools (for businesses without the technical resource to implement APIs), thus making it easy for businesses to build out their custom onboarding flow."

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