Adora Nwodo writes foundational book on cloud engineering

Adora Nwodo's book 'cloud engineering for beginners' explores the concept of cloud computing and roles that exist in the sector

Adora Nwodo writes foundational book on cloud engineering
Cloud Engineering For Beginners By Adaora Nwodo

Nenne Adaora Nwodo popularly known as Adora, a software engineer at Microsoft has written a book on cloud computing for beginners to be launched on the 31st of October.

In May, when we spotlighted Adora and 9 other female tech professionals who are leveraging their roles to provide tech solutions to issues in Nigeria and across Africa we did not know that she was working on her first book.

I believe everyone should be given a chance at basic education.

However, Adora took to her Twitter page last week to announce that she has written a book that will be launched in a few days. Responding to what prompted the book Adora said, ‘I am someone that always wants to give back to the community. I want to teach what I learn so that I can grow and make mistakes publicly’.

Prior to the book, she has been leveraging her blog and YouTube channel to share educative and fun content on software engineering, career growth and life as a software engineer.

Adora Nwodo

In 2019 when Adora joined Microsoft, she came across a lot of new things as regards cloud computing that made her pay more attention to learning and helping others to also understand how it works.

She defines ‘the cloud as a set of servers that can be used to do anything on the internet’. In her debut, Cloud Engineering for Beginners, Adora creates a foundational understanding for anyone who intends to start a career in cloud engineering by breaking down the concept of cloud computing and helping them through navigating a career in the sector.

‘With this book, the reader will be ready to take on more complicated cloud-related technologies’, she said.

The first-class graduate of computer science at the University of Lagos believes that cloud engineering is very relevant in the 21st century and beyond since it offers a flexible experience coupled with data recovery, a high level of security and great career opportunities for young people especially in the future of work.

At the Microsoft Mixed Reality team, Adora builds cloud services and also create ‘high-value experiences’ related to artificial intelligence and mixed reality.

‘I will be happy to see more young girls reading the book’

Adora said that the challenges facing women in tech is not just limited to the sector but the society at large. ‘It is beyond women in tech, it is about all women in our society. We need collaborative efforts of both genders to put an end to some of these challenges’

‘I hope more ladies will read the book and aspire for careers in tech’, she said.

How to get the book

The book can be preordered for N4000 ($9.7) here

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