Cowrywise enlists six ARM mutual funds, increasing its total to 19 mutual funds

Cowrywise has enlisted six mutual funds managed by ARM Investment Managers, increasing the total number of mutual funds on its platform to 19.

Cowrywise enlists six ARM mutual funds, increasing its total to 19 mutual funds

Cowrywise has enlisted six mutual funds managed by ARM Investment Managers, a subsidiary of Asset & Resource Management (ARM) Holding Company.

With these six additional mutual funds, Cowrywise now has 19 mutual funds listed on its platform which solidifies its position as the platform with the highest collection of mutual funds in Nigeria.

Co-founded by Edward Popoola and Razaq Ahmed in 2017, Cowrywise has grown to become one of the leading savings and investment platforms in Nigeria. On May 21, 2019, Cowrywise started off with four mutual funds.

Speaking on the collaboration, Henrietta Bankole-Olusina, MD of ARM Financial Advisers, said: "Our goal is to empower more individuals to fulfil their dreams and encourage them to imbibe a healthy investment habit. Our range of mutual funds caters to different needs depending on their investment goal and risk profile".

ARM manages six mutual funds and all of them are now available on Cowrywise. This partnership with ARM dovetails into the commitment of Cowrywise to help change the way Nigerians invest.

Currently, we offer the most diverse basket of mutual funds in Nigeria, Cowrywise says. To top that up, we provide relatable advice at no extra cost and you get to invest with any comfortable amount.

Yarmirama Ashama, Product Manager at Cowrywise, described the recent partnership with ARM as an expansion of the opportunities that come with investing with mutual funds.

"We cannot raise a new generation of investors alone. This is why partnerships with fund managers like ARM are important. Having them onboard feeds this vision, and we are excited about the results that will follow", she said.

"Partnering with top fund managers across the country, we will bridge the gap of onboarding and educating the average Nigerian. In essence, we are easing up more time for fund managers to grow wealth while we drive up demand. Our commitment is to introduce 10 million first-time investors to mutual funds in the next five years".

ARM Mutual Funds

The ARM suite of mutual funds is a diverse one. Its offerings fit the desires of various types of investors. Below are its current offerings:

  • ARM Money Market Fund: this is a low-risk fund that invests in instruments like treasury bills. A good fit for short term investors.
  • ARM Fixed Income Fund: like other fixed-income funds, this is a medium-risk fund. It’s a great option for medium to long term goals, as it can serve as a source of steady income.
  • ARM Ethical Fund: helps investors put their money in firms that align with a strict ethical selection.
  • ARM Discovery Balanced Fund: designed for a balance between equities and fixed income. It’s a medium-risk fund.
  • ARM Aggressive Fund: got a long-term view? This is your fund. Though high-risk, it helps your investments grow over the long term.
  • ARM Eurobond Fund: this fund gives you access to investment instruments denominated in United States’ Dollars. Also, it is excellent for protecting your investments from currency depreciation.

How to Invest in ARM Funds

To start investing in a few minutes, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up here
  2. Tap "Invest in Mutual Funds"
  3. Start investing

Meet ARM

Established in 1994 as an asset management firm, ARM is Nigeria’s largest non-bank financial services firm with the primary objective of providing a platform that meets all the investment needs of individuals.

ARM Group’s retail products comprise mutual funds, estate planning services, wills, pension, stockbroking services, and real estate. that invests in and supports fintech startups through its Labs by ARM Accelerator.

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