BD Insider, Letter 143: African startups raised $3.6 billion in 2022

Letter 143 examines the state of funding in Africa, the venture capital landscape in 2023 and the top tech policy that were introduced in Nigeria

In this last letter of 2022, we are bringing you a roundup of important activities in the tech policy and venture capital scenes.

In Letter 143, we examine:

  • the state of venture funding in Africa in 2022
  • possible trends in the venture capital space in 2023
  • the top tech policies introduced in Nigeria in 2022

and other noteworthy information like:

  • exciting reads for the holidays.
  • the launch of Zero to Scale 2.0
  • opportunities and others.

💰 State of funding in Africa

In 2022, African startups raised $3.6 billion in venture capital