BD Insider 80th: eNaira, Vectar, Qala Fellowship, Shecluded and Angel Investor

In the 80th issue of the BD Insider, we explored the eNaira, training of Bitcoin developers by Qala Fellowship and how Shecluded is helping women to achieve financial freedom.

BD Insider 80th: eNaira, Vectar, Qala Fellowship, Shecluded and Angel Investor

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Welcome to the 80th issue of the BD Insider.

This Friday will be Oct. 1. You know what that means right? Yes, it's Nigeria's Independence Day and a public holiday, but that's not it.

Friday is the day the CBN has earmarked to launch its eNaira. It's going to be a busy week ahead for the CBN and Bitt Inc. We'll keep our fingers crossed on the new possibilities that will come with this new digital currency.

Later in the week, we will share with you on the blog certain things you should know about the eNaira.

Meanwhile, here's what happened last week in the news:

  • Jobberman, in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation, intends to boost recruitment in Nigeria with the Alliance for Better Work initiative
  • Qala Fellowship will, from next year, begin the training of the next generation of bitcoin developers.

We cover all of these and more in today's newsletter. So yeah, let's go inside!!!

💡Vectar is Powering the future tech of sustainable energy.

Vectar Energy is a sustainable energy development company invested in integrating Clean Tech with FinTech, delivering incentivized, low carbon, data-driven, and cost-effective energy solutions to its clients.

Vectar needs your help: Thousands of Nigerian tech professionals due to the COVID-19 pandemic had to work remotely without access to constant electricity. For some, they've missed deadlines and have been unable to attend crucial virtual meetings.
Are you a tech professional working remotely?

Please, take this survey and share it with others too.

₿ Qala Fellowship will train African Bitcoin Developers in 2022

After receiving a 0.5BTC grant from the New York-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF), Qala Fellowship will train developers who are interested in lightning and bitcoin development.

What is Qala? It is a full-time program designed to train the next generation of African Bitcoin and Lightning developers, participants are also provided with stipends to aid their welfare and the learning process.

Why is this important? Amidst the rapid adoption of cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer trading in Nigeria, the nation still lags in the bitcoin technology space.

Read more on how to participate in the 6-month boot camp here

🚺 Shecluded wants to help Nigerian women achieve financial success

With quick loans, wealth advisory and other financial services, Shecluded is providing an opportunity for women on the African continent to attain financial freedom.

Have you watched or read the Smart Money Woman TV series or book? Who knows, maybe Zuri used Shecluded to find her way out of debt to financial freedom.

Find out more about Shecluded on the blog

✍🏿Tech Word for the Week: Angel Investor

Who is an Angel Investor? An Angel Investor is an individual who provides capital for startups to start operations or expand in exchange for equity.

They are most times former founders, senior business executives, and high net worth individuals. For the angel investor, investing in promising startups is a great way to get a higher return on investment if the startup succeeds.

What came to your mind the first time you heard the word?
Dara wrote an explainer on this word and how it works. You should read it

💰 Fundraising

Here are some of the recent startup fundraises across Africa that you should be aware of:

  • Nigerian energy startup, Infibranches Technologies has secured US$2 million funding from Shell-owned fund
  • Ugandan fintech startup, gnuGrid closed a seed round of $612,500
  • Ethiopian construction-tech startup ConDigital raised a pre-seed funding round
  • South African agri-fintech startup HelloChoice has secured investment from Standard Bank

Tip: If you're looking to improve your take-home (salary) by moving jobs, companies that have just raised are a great place to apply. Companies almost always hire after a significant raise.

🔍 Things we found interesting.

Here are some of the most exciting stories we've written and read over the last seven days:

💼 Job Opportunities

In addition to last week's list of jobs, events, and other  opportunities, check these out, too:

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