Jobberman Launches Alliance for Better Work Initiative

An initiative set to bolster job retention, workplace productivity, business development, and bridge the gender unemployment gap.

Jobberman Launches Alliance for Better Work Initiative

Initiative to create platform for employers to employ from a talent pool of over 180,000 jobseekers

The leading job placement website in Sub-Saharan Africa has commenced an initiative, tagged, Alliance For Better Work in partnership with Mastercard Foundation. The initiative  is committed to radically boost recruitment in Nigeria by providing integrated end-to-end support on easy to use online platforms and enable female hires.

Small and large organisations in Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, and Abuja will have access to over 182,000 pre-vetted jobseekers between the age of 18-35. The jobseekers will be segmented by qualification level and industry (such as the agriculture, creative, and digital sector in Nigeria).

The initiative seeks to bolster job retention, workplace productivity, business development and bridge the gender unemployment gap which currently stands at 35.2% compared to 31.8% for men. Employers are daily facing various challenges which include cost of training new employees, wide skills gap and a flood of unfiltered applications.

The Alliance for better work initiative will run simultaneously with Jobberman’s soft skills training program which has already equipped 190,628 young people between the age of 18-35 and placed more than 82,600 in dignified employment. The initiative will see Jobberman draw from its leading expertise in the market to ease the process of employment for both employer and employee, therefore working towards her goal of securing employment for 3 million young people by 2025.

The Alliance will create a commitment between Jobberman and employers in the creative, finance, healthcare, agriculture, digital, retail/FMCG, advertising and education sectors to #hirebetter and move beyond the inertia of costly recruitment processes. From Jobberman’s data insights, companies spend an average of 4-6 weeks on their hiring process and estimate cost to be 20-25% of the annual gross salary of a candidate to recruit.

The Initiative is an exclusive  recruitment club that provides employers access to the largest pool of trained quality candidates in the country, innovative end-to-end recruitment and post-hiring support, brand amplification, and exclusive rates, all tailored to meet companies specific needs.

Speaking on the initiative, Rolake Rosiji, CEO of Jobberman Nigeria said, “The Alliance for Better Work is ultimately about unlocking the competitive advantage of  Nigerian companies, often lost in long and poor cycles of recruitment. By joining forces with Nigeria’s most astute companies we aim to set a standard of progressive recruitment practices that will allow businesses to flourish. Plus, this opens up the opportunity to accelerate our mandate with Young Africa works in placing  trained young people in dignified work. Employees are a company's greatest asset and Jobberman has the experience, the tools, platform and the resources to make this a reality for employers.”

Country Head Nigeria, Mastercard Foundation, Chidinma Lawanson added, “The Mastercard Foundations Young Africa strategy aims to give 10 million youth, and women  access to dignified and fulfilling work in Nigeria – 70% of which must be women. The  Foundations' partnership with Jobberman is one of the many ways that we intend to achieve  this. The launch of the Alliance for Better Work Campaign is intentional in filling the gap in the  recruitment process, particularly as it pertains to gender unemployment. We look forward to  seeing its impact.”

Jobberman has used its platform to develop job seeker skill sets, identify gaps in the labour market and streamlined the hiring processes for employers for over a decade in the employment space. The partnership with the Mastercard Foundation is driving transformative change on issues surrounding unemployment in Nigeria. 5 million job seekers are to be trained and placed 3 million in dignified employment over the next five years through this partnership.

Companies interested in being a part of the Alliance for Better Work campaign can sign-up or by sending an email to [email protected]

About Jobberman

Launched in 2009, Jobberman provides training and placement for jobseekers, as well as the best selection of candidates for companies hiring. It is the single largest job placement website in Sub-Saharan Africa and has the vision to become the leading source of talent in every market it operates in by simplifying job searching and talent acquisition; matching the right set of skills with employers needs.

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About the Mastercard Foundation

The Mastercard Foundation works with visionary organisations to enable young people in  Africa and in Indigenous communities in Canada to access dignified and fulfilling work. It is  one of the largest, private foundations in the world with a mission to advance learning and  promote financial inclusion to create an inclusive and equitable world. The Foundation was  created by Mastercard in 2006 as an independent organisation with its Board of Directors and  management.

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Media Enquiries

For more information, or interview requests with Jobberman Nigeria CEO, Rolake Rosiji, please contact Chanelle Denton - [email protected] or Esther Sunday [email protected] of Wimbart

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