Apple's WWDC 2024: What to expect and how to watch it live

Apple might be introducing a ton of AI for Safari and Photos come Monday, June 10. There’s more below.

Apple's WWDC 2024: What to expect and how to watch it live
Image Credit: Apple Magazine

Apple's WWDC is just around the corner, and the tech world is buzzing! This year's keynote, happening on June 10th, is expected to be a big one. With the AI revolution in full swing, all eyes are on Apple to see how they'll respond. 

While they've kept details under wraps, rumours abound about exciting new features and updates. Let's dive into what we might see and how you can catch the event live!

How to watch Apple's WWDC 2024 keynote

Apple's WWDC 2024 kicks off with the keynote on June 10th at 10:00 am PT (17:00 GMT). Tune in live on Apple's event website or the company's YouTube channel.

They've already shared the livestream link, which even lets you set a reminder to catch the event.

What to expect at WWDC 2024

Here’s what you can expect at Apple’s WWDC 2024 keynote:

Apple AI and partnerships

Apple's competitors have been making waves with AI advancements, and rumours suggest Apple is ready to catch up. AI is expected to be a major focus at WWDC this year.

Instead of a dramatic overhaul, expect AI to be subtly woven into iOS 18. Bloomberg suggests features like voice memo transcription, lightning-fast search, and a more natural-sounding Siri. We might even see an "Apple Intelligence" that summarises news, documents, and notifications, giving you a smart recap of what's important. This opt-in feature would reportedly work on newer devices like the iPhone 15 Pro and M1-powered iPads and Macs.

Privacy remains a priority for Apple, so expect some AI features in iOS 18 and macOS 15 to run directly on your device, without needing an internet connection. This "on-device" AI will handle simpler tasks like voice memo transcription and search. For more complex jobs, like summarizing lengthy documents, the AI might utilise the cloud for extra processing power. Even the Apple Watch is getting a smarter Siri, powered by AI according to Bloomberg.

Apple reportedly isn't going it alone in the AI race. While talks with Google and Anthropic seem to have fizzled, Bloomberg suggests a partnership with OpenAI is on the table.

A better version of Siri

A revamped Siri will likely be a major attraction at WWDC. Hints in the invite suggest a significant upgrade, and Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports Apple is training Siri on powerful large language models to make its responses more accurate and nuanced.

Siri might even handle multi-step tasks, like creating a GIF from photos and then sending it to a contact. This overhaul could finally make Siri the powerful and context-aware assistant everyone's been waiting for.

Green bubbles and RCS

Apple is likely to finally adopt Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging in iOS 18. This means iPhone users and their Android-wielding friends can finally exchange longer texts, and higher-quality photos, and potentially enjoy end-to-end encryption (though that detail remains unconfirmed).

Apple's decision comes after years of resistance and some regulatory pressure. While the iconic green bubbles will likely remain, they'll represent a more seamless messaging experience for everyone.

Image: Apple

More customisation and new features on iOS, iPadOS and VisionOS

iOS 18 rumours hint at a long-awaited feature: freely placing apps anywhere on the home screen. Imagine breaking free from the rows and columns and arranging icons in a way that works for you. MacRumors suggests the possibility of leaving blank spaces for a truly personalised touch.  Bloomberg has reported that iOS 18 might allow you to recolour app icons to create a cohesive aesthetic.   

New AI Chips and more

This year, the spotlight is likely to shine on the A18 Bionic, the expected processor for the next iPhone. Analysts like Jeff Pu and news outlets like Economic Daily News point towards a focus on enhanced AI performance – mirroring the M4 chips in the latest iPad Pros.  These M4 chips boasted increased power, efficiency, and improved machine learning capabilities. Expect the A18 Bionic to follow suit, giving the next iPhone a significant boost in AI-powered tasks. Apple is also expected to announce new and enhanced versions of its built-in apps.

Still no news about MacOS, Clipboard conundrum and Bilingual support

The anticipation for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) continues to build but will Tim and the team give users what they’re really expecting or do we have to sit it out till September?

Apple’s innovation might finally be catching up to Google and Samsung, especially with the redesigned iPad Pro launched in May with a new AI-focused M4 chip—marking the first time an M-series chip did not come first to a Mac. Apple’s MacBooks are all offered with M3 chips, while the Mac Studio and Mac Pro continue to lag behind with M2 chips.

The clipboard functionality remains a behind-the-scenes feature—the current one in mobile devices is functional but lacks the user-friendly management features offered by competitors. A more intuitive way to handle copied content would be a welcome change.

As much as you can’t trust Siri to do anything, it might not hurt to anticipate Siri Intelligence. A common gripe with Siri is its inability to understand and respond to multilingual queries, particularly when it comes to non-English music requests.

So far, though, there aren’t any rumours suggesting hardware updates, leaving us to speculate on software improvements and perhaps some surprise announcements. What would you love to see at this year’s WWDC event? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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