30 AI tools to streamline your workflow and boost productivity

Like ChatGPT, here are 30 AI tools you can use as a developer, designer and content creator to enhance your productivity.

30 AI tools to streamline your workflow and boost productivity

Through Artificial intelligence (AI), computers have the ability to harness massive amounts of data and use their learned intelligence to make optimal decisions and discoveries in fractions of the time that it would take humans. PWC estimates that AI has the potential to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

As a tool to drive productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, AI is helping humans create more, make better decisions and increase profitability. In late 2022, the launch of ChapGPT spurred increased attention on the possibilities of AI, but the technology has existed before—and is much more than ChaptGPT.

ChapGPT belongs to a segment of AI called generative AI, which is a machine learning technology that uses algorithms to generate new data, such as images, text, sounds or codes.

While generative AI tools can be extremely useful, they should be used in conjunction with human oversight and decision-making. AI models can make mistakes, and human judgment is still necessary to ensure that their outputs are accurate, ethical, and aligned with an organization's goals.

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Here’s a curation of 30 AI tools you can use as a developer, designer and content creator to enhance your productivity. The tools are organised into Code generation, Web app builders, documentation, Text to SQL, Design and content creation.

Code generation

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot uses the OpenAI Codex to suggest code and entire functions in real-time, right from your editor. It enables you as the developer to spend less time creating boilerplate and repetitive code patterns, and more time on building great software.

How does GitHub Copilot works: Write a comment describing the logic you want, and GitHub Copilot will immediately suggest code to implement the solution.


With the Replit mobile app, you can build and run your projects from anywhere in the world. Replit is a platform for creating and sharing software. You can write your code and host it all in the same place. Replit is also a place to learn how to code, and they have some built-in educational features as well.

How does Replit works: Replit allows you to pair program with others, teach your classroom, create collaborative projects for your students, or simply present your work to others


Tabnine uses generative AI technology to predict and suggests your next lines of code based on context & syntax. The AI code assistant that makes you a better developer. Tabnine suggests code completions that align with your coding patterns, reduce costly code review iterations, and stay in the editor (and the flow).

How Tabnine works: As you type in your IDE, the comments and code is used by Tabnine to predict what might likely come next and that is offered to you as a suggestion that can be accepted.

Mutable AI

MutableAI is an AI developer tool with copilot-like autocomplete, documentation writing, and code refactoring. You can even give the AI instructions to edit your code directly, which enables you to code faster with high accuracy.

How Mutable AI works: Mutable AI works as an assistant to autocomplete your codes, offers domain-specific transform, productioniSe your code and type annotations.

Web App builders


Debuild is an AI-powered low-code tool that helps you build web apps, generate your React components and your SQL code. The company's program enables developers to build web apps without language barriers.

How does Debuild work: Debuild gets and generates .deb files and packages to help you build web apps.

Durable is a platform that provides tools for building and deploying durable AI systems, which are designed to maintain their functionality over time and in challenging conditions. The AI website builder provides business website, website analytics, unlimited photography access, and SEO tools.

How does Durable work: After logging in your details to the platform, Durable generates the site your business needs based on your location and business type.



Mintlify is a developer-oriented communications platform. They build the documentation for maintenance and optimize it for user engagement.

How does Mintlify work: The platform reads code and creates docs to explain it, leveraging technologies including natural language processing and web scraping.


Stenography combines OpenAI Codex and code parsing techniques to create a smart codebase documenter. Stenography is designed to fit the natural dev flow and decrease the cognitive load.

How does Stenography work: Install the API, write some code and Stenography will explain in simple language.

Text to SQL


Seek AI platform uses artificial intelligence to reduce human error and inefficiencies from an organisation's data team, enabling organisations to deliver projects in less time at a reduced cost.

How does Seek AI work: Seek AI allows data teams to automate and oversee database query projects to improve productivity, with a focus on sales and marketing purposes.


With AI2sql, engineers and non-engineers can easily write efficient, error-free SQL queries without knowing SQL. AI2sql improves the readability of your code, enhances collaboration with others, increases your productivity, and helps you avoid syntax errors.

How does AI2sql work: Enter a few keywords about your data, AI2sql automatically builds an optimized SQL query for your data, resulting in extremely fast performance.



Vizcom is a creative tool that helps designers streamline the process of turning their concepts into physical products.

How does Vizcom work: Download Vizcom web app to create your designs.


Craiyon is an AI model that can draw images from any text prompt. It uses clever artificial intelligence and machine learning to create images for you.

How does it work: Go to and type out in the box what it is you want.


Stablecog is a simple, free & open-source tool for creating AI-generated images. It uses Stable Diffusion and fine-tuned models for image creation.

How does it work: Type out what you want and Stablecog will generate the image.

NightCafe Creator

NightCafe Creator is an AI Art Generator app with multiple methods of AI art generation. Using neural style transfer, you can turn your photo into a masterpiece.

How does it work: Type your text into the prompt box or generate a random one using the random button. NightCafe Creator works by converting a written prompt into an image

Rosebud AI

Rosebud is building the AI Canva. The platform is using generative AI to create visuals from photography to templates in order to automate marketing, communication and other visual asset creation.

How does Rosebud AI work: Simply describe what you want to make, from bringing portraits and art to life to AI-generated stock photos on the IOS, Android or Web App.


A massive database of AI-generated images, Lexica contains a plethora of incredible artwork from pixel art, to dragons, and fantasy landscapes.

How does Lexica work: It works as a text prompt. Simply type the kind of text you want and click on the generate button. is a web-based software tool that allows users to create art using a variety of AI-based models. It’s a place where everyone can easily create content for free, using large-scale generative AI like Stable Diffusion.

How does work: Simply type a text prompt to generate any image. is an online collection of AI-generated images. Even though the images look photorealistic, they are not copies or mixtures of existing images on the web.

How does work: Check the gallery, scroll till you find the image you prefer and save it. is an online art generator that allows users to create unique & beautiful art from text, images & modifiers using Stable Diffusion, CLIP Guided Diffusion & PXL·E Realistic Algorithms.

How does work: Create images in our Discord Server using the PixelzBot or add the bot to your own server.

Playground AI

Playground AI is a free-to-use online AI image creator. It can be used to create art, social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more.

How does Playground work: Type the image you want, and it will generate the image.

21. PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom allows users to create professional designs for free with our all-in-one creative photo editing platform. An advanced alternative to PhotoRoom enables you to remove, blur and generate background.

How does PhotoRoom work: Upload the image you want to edit, and you can edit based on your preference.

Stockimg AI

Stockimg is an AI image generation for teams. On the platform you can easily generate AI logo, AI book covers, AI posters, illustrations, art and more.

How does Stockimg work: Select the feature you want to use after signing up and type the kind of image you want.

Marketing and content creation

Copy.AI is an AI-powered copywriter that generates high-quality copy for your business. This includes blog intros, landing page copy, LinkedIn ads, and product descriptions.

How does Copy AI work: Simply head over to, and you'll find all the templates laid out on the left.


Copysmith is a GPT-3 powered AI copywriter that can draft product descriptions, taglines, SEO metatags, and Instagram/Facebook/Google ad copy.

How does Copysmith work: Go to the site, sign up and give it instructions on the kind of copy you want.


Anyword is an AI copywriting software that generates short-form content such as blog outlines, blog post ideas, and emails.

How does Anyword work: Decide what you want to write about and the type of content you need. Then, set certain parameters (tone, and style) for the AI tool to follow.


Simplified AI Writer is a free copywriting assistant that generates content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, websites & social platforms.

How Simplified work: Go to the platform, and select the short form assistant. Then scroll down to write for me, and input your writing tone and whatever sentence you wish for the AI to finish. Click generate, and the AI will come up with some options for you.

Video editing


Runway is a video editing software powered by machine learning and applied artificial intelligence. The software, which focuses on video automation and synthetic media, reduces the costs of creating visual media across creative industries.

How does Runway work: You can upload, generate and edit your video on the platform in minutes.


Papercup translates videos using AI by generating voices that sound like the original speaker. The AI startup speech technology translates people’s voices into other languages.

How does Papercup work: Submit your existing video content for translation and voiceover. The AI automatically transcribes, translates and creates human sounding voice over, which is ready for use after verification.


Shuffll is a video production platform that uses AI technology to streamline the video production process. The platform allows businesses to create personalized video content in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

How does Shuffll work: Type your video concept on the platform, generate a unique copy, and record your videos. is an AI-powered software that helps video creators edit, caption & style their videos with the click of a button. The software helps you create socially ready short clips from your long videos.

How does work: Import your video. Edit based on your preferences such as platforms, formats, colours, fonts, and subtitles.

Zoom out

These are just a few examples of the many generative AI tools that are available for improving productivity. It's important to remember that AI is a rapidly evolving field, and new tools and capabilities are being developed all the time, so it's always a good idea to stay informed about the latest developments

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