Zimbabwe plans to install floating solar panels in Africa's largest man-made dam

The Zimbabwean government plans to install solar panels on Kariba Dam, to address energy shortages


In a move to tackle energy shortages, the Zimbabwean government has announced plans to install its first solar panels on the Kariba dam, Africa's largest man-made dam. The project is expected to commence early next year, marking a significant step in the nation's pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. 

The secretary for energy and Power Development Gloria Magombo revealed during a recent press briefing in Harare that an initial 150 megawatts of solar on the surface of the Kariba Dam would be the start of the project. This innovative approach aims to harness solar power on the world’s largest man-made freshwater reservoir, which straddles the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia

Magombo shared that the private sector has applied to install 600 megawatts, declining to provide details. he emphasised the government’s commitment to expanding the use of this technology.

The move comes in response to the ongoing power outages caused by lower water levels at Kariba Dam due to prolonged drought in the region. The Zambezi River Authority has had to reduce water allocation to individuals. This reduction has led to frequent power cuts, promoting the government to explore alternate energy sources 

In addition to the Kariba Dam project, the government has further plans to install more floating panels at the Mutirikwi Dam as well. This expansion shows how Zimbabwe is making efforts to diversify into better energy sources and reduce reliance on traditional hydroelectric power.

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