Identity verification startup, Youverify has been awarded the ISO 27018 and 27001 certifications by the International Standards for Organisation. This follows a successful completion of the requirements for the certification process by the company.

With this feat, Youverify has become the first and only tech company to have been awarded both the ISO 27018 and 27001 certifications in sub-Saharan Africa. While companies might have acquired one or the other, n0 one in the region has both certifications.

The ISO 27001 is a globally recognized information security standard that indicates that a company complies with the international security management best practices and comprehensive security controls.

Similarly, the ISO 27018 is conferred on organizations that have systems and controls for implementing measures to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in accordance with defined privacy principles for public cloud computing environments.

Speaking on the occasion, CEO, Gbenga Odegbami explained that the certifications confirm Youverify’s commitment to service quality, data security and customers’ confidentiality. According to him, “the ISO 27018 and 27001 certifications are not a one-off award. They indicate a commitment to an ongoing process of continuous improvement in our security standards and processes.”

“We are glad we have gotten to this stage. Most importantly, we are committing to running a system that is defined by a consistent improvement, review, and engagement of our processes to provide the best-in-town services to our customers”, he concluded.

Youverify CEO, Gbenga Odegbami

Launched two years ago, Youverify help businesses automate and digitalize due diligence and compliance processes via APIs and Web Services. Some of their services include identity verification, address verification, digital identity, digital addressing, business verification, and alternative credit scoring. It offers a simple, nimble, easy-to-adopt, and cost-effective solution that transforms the customer onboarding decisions and streamline the process to reduce fraud, manual effort and cost.

Some of the company’s services include identity verification, address verification, digital identity, digital addressing, business verification, alternative credit scoring, asset verification.

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So far, it has helped organizations to automate due diligence and compliance by using data-driven decisions especially within the financial services, and telecommunication industries.

With an ambition to help organisations use data and insight to make automated and efficient business decisions, Youverify conduct digital and regulatory  compliant verification for some of the biggest banks, Fintech platforms and on-demand platforms in Nigeria.

Featured image: Youverify team