X introduces audio and video calling features

X, formerly Twitter, now offers audio and video calling as part of its transformation into an "everything app."

X introduces audio and video calling features
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X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter, has rolled out new communication features in the form of audio and video calls. The move comes as part of owner Elon Musk's vision to transform the platform into an all-encompassing "everything app."

Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter nearly a year ago and rebranded it as X, announced the early version of video and audio calling for some users. In August, he teased these features, emphasizing that users wouldn't need a phone number to utilize them. The functionality is now available on Apple's iOS, and will soon be available on Android.

The new features have been introduced discreetly, with a notification within the app prompting users to enable audio and video calling. Users can customize their preferences, allowing calls from people in their address book, those they follow, verified users, or a combination of these options. Initiating a call is as simple as opening a direct message with another user, selecting the phone icon, and choosing between audio or video call options.

Presently the feature is only available to premium subscribers who have the ability to make audio and video calls, but all accounts can receive calls. To make a call, both parties must have sent direct messages to each other at least once.

As X continues to evolve under Musk's leadership, these additions represent steps toward the platform's transformation into a multifunctional application offering services from messaging and social networking to peer-to-peer payments. Musk has also mentioned plans to charge users a yearly fee for access to the platform and has begun testing this in select regions.

While the introduction of the audio and video call features has been met with a mixed response from users, it aligns with Musk's overarching goal of turning X into an "everything app" akin to China's WeChat, offering a wide range of services beyond traditional social media, like

However, despite these new features, X has faced challenges in retaining its user base, with a reported 13% decrease in daily active users since Musk's acquisition, following a period of turbulence on the platform.

As X moves forward with these new features and its broader transformation, it remains to be seen how these developments will impact its user engagement and position in the social media landscape.

How to make a call via X?

To enable video and voice calls, go to settings, then privacy & safety, choose the direct messages option and enable audio and video calling.

  • Go to your direct messages.
  • Pick a chat you already have or begin a new one.
  • Click on the phone symbol.
  • Decide between 'Audio call' or 'Video call' by tapping the right icons.
  • The person you call will get a notification, and if they do not answer, they will receive a notification on it.

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