Wyclef Jean inks deal to build a tech hub in Plateau state

Wyclef Jean, Grammy-winning artist and mogul has signed a partnership with the Plateau state government to build a tech hub on 4000 hectares of land within the state.

Wyclef Jean inks deal to build a tech hub in Plateau state
Wyclef Jean

Renowned Grammy-winning artist and entrepreneur, Wyclef Jean, in collaboration with Caribbean International Commerce (CICH), has signed a partnership with the Plateau state government. This alliance aims to establish a technology and infrastructure hub spanning over 4000 hectares of land within the state.

CICH is yet to respond to's request for comment on how the project will be executed.

Early next year, Wyclef Jean is scheduled to visit Jos to participate in the Incredible Music Festival, an event hosted by the renowned Nigerian rapper, Jude "MI" Abaga. MI, who serves as an honorary adviser on entertainment and creativity to the Plateau state government, is working with Jean in the implementation of this project.

"This partnership represents a fusion of creativity, sustainability, and economic empowerment. We are bringing the music of innovation to the world, and the world to the music of Nigeria. Together, we are creating harmony in both art and commerce, setting a new standard for a brighter, greener future," Jean said.

According to a statement seen by, the project will feature a music and movie studio, that will serve as a creative incubator, providing emerging talent with access to world-class equipment and facilities. The hub will also be powered by green technology. "These sorts of synergies will naturally provide a platform for scaling up and exposing the young talents on the Plateau towards sharing their gifts with the world," says Caleb Muftwang, the governor of Plateau state.

In 2020, Jean's Carnival World Music Group raised $25 million in capital funding to invest in music publishing and production in parts of Africa, the Caribbean, and other underserved markets.

At the age of 9, Wyclef Jean, a 50-year-old native of Haiti, migrated to the U.S. While growing up, he maintained a strong awareness of his African heritage, often referring to Haitians as "the Nigerians of the Caribbean." According to Jean himself, a DNA ancestry test has confirmed that he is "almost 100% Nigerian."

His music has consistently been shaped by his Haitian and African roots. In 2004, Jean took his first trip to Africa, where he performed alongside Femi Kuti, the son of music legend Fela Kuti.

This announcement is coming a few weeks after a former governorship aspirant in the state, Kefas Ropshik launched Kefiano Creative Hub to drive the digital and creative economy in Plateau state.

"These initiatives have the potential to transform the local economy and make a global impact," according to Ponfa Miri, a Jos-based tech entrepreneur. "It is exciting to see such collaboration and forward-thinking ideas being brought to life."

Wyclef Jean's initiative will ride on the wave of existing efforts of local players including Alewa House, a creative hub that utilises technology to monetise and distribute digital content in Plateau state and other parts of Northern Nigeria.

"The North is an untapped talent pool, but having the talent is not enough. There’s a need for business awareness to fill the knowledge gap and the need for more talent incubation platforms geared towards content monetisation and artistic development that will provide the northern creators with the know-how skillset to compete globally," says Joe Heman, co-founder and COO at Alewa House.

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