Who won the Seerbit future of payment hackathon?

Excousia won the 2022 Seerbit Future of Payment hackathon. Neon and Luka Finance were first and second runners up respectively.

Who won the Seerbit future of payment hackathon?
Excousia, winners of the Seerbit Future of Payment Hackathon

Since the launch of Consonance Club in 2016, we have executed various successful innovative projects. Consonance exists to provide innovators and community leaders with support systems, structures, platforms and opportunities to thrive in their journey, and as such we know when we deserve a pat on the back. We did it again! but not without the help of the best partners and a loyal community.

For the hundredth time and for latecomers to trending news, the Seerbit Future Of Payment Hackathon was a blast! We are excited to give the rundown of the event because it never gets old no matter how many times we tell it. This is one for the books and would it be remembered in history as a real game-changer, which is why we are making headlines.

History would remember Seerbit, Consonance Club, Ventures Platform, and other partners as trailblazers in Africa. It was indeed an innovative and insightful hackathon. Good luck to our competitors in keeping up with this one. It all started with an idea that was duly implemented with the right partners and an ever-ready team of young talented Africans.

The Future of Payment Hackathon featured teams who are solution focused. The teams understood the urgency of providing payment solutions for Africa through seamless Seerbit transaction gateways. It was a continuously rolling ball of innovation coupled with implementation strategies.

Structure of the event

In general, the Hackathon was structured as follows:

  • Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Call for entry: Publicity Content was curated and suited for each social media platform to create awareness about the Future of Payments Hackathon. Social media followers were admonished to share the information and to register before the deadline.

  • Thursday, November 10, 2022

Close of registration: After a couple of countdown content on various social media platforms, the registration was finally over. The work started here because the participating teams were required to start building their solutions.

  • Sunday, November 20, 2022

Submission deadline: The submissions came in on the 23rd of November, and organizers were excited as the  event came together beautifully

  • Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Virtual Demo: The teams delivered their presentations via zoom to the highly esteemed panel of judges. The judges also asked their questions after each presentation.

Meet the winners of the Seerbit Future of Payment Hackathon

  • Saturday, November 26, 2022

Announcement of Winners: You would remember the plans for the finale. Not bad if you don't. The announcement of winners was scheduled for the 26th of November at the Devfest in Lagos. It went as anticipated and planned. The suspense was finally over, and the tension-filled air was filled with jubilation.

At the end of the hackathon, Excousia emerged in the first place, Neon second and Luka finance came in third place.

You should recall that Excousia is the team of creditworthiness, and the Neon team knows automation to be the future for K12 schools. Luka Finance team is the company watching out for employees against Sapa. If you need more info, make sure to check out our press release.

Excousia rightly secured its position in the first place by creating a company-targeted solution. It is next to the holy grail for businesses and companies that need a method to determine eligibility for loans. The team took home the stipulated prize of $2000.


Neon came in next to the first-place win, with a solution targeted at the education sector. This team swept us off our feet with the vast knowledge of automation as the future. They won a whopping sum of $1500.


Luka Finance placed third. They developed a solution around helping employees access funds before payday. We would definitely keep our eyes on this one as well as others, to see the next big move. The Luka Finance team won the stipulated prize of $1000

Luka Finance 

We are proud of all the participating teams, and we look forward to connecting more with them in the future.

Kudos to our highly esteemed judges for coming through for Africa in the Future of payments Hackathon.

What’s Next for Consonance Club?

One thing is quite clear. We are only getting started.

Our goal to support innovators, build platforms and create a space for Innovators in the future, has never made more sense. We are committed to going higher and growing stronger.

Hackathons are the stuff we are made of, and we would be engaging more partners to make this a reality. We do it for the love of the innovators. Our brains work round the clock to make the dreams of intellectual youths come through, therefore we are allowed to show off a bit. We would be putting our innovators in the spotlight to show what they have built or what they are building. Subscribe to our newsletter if you haven't to stay up to date on the buzz.

The Consonance connect events are next up, and we would be connecting till we are blue in the face. You do not want to miss connections with major schools in the west like the great Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Lagos, University of Ibadan, Ladoke Akintola University, Federal University of Technology Akure. We would be travelling to 10 different schools in the southwest over the next four months. This would develop into tours all over the southwest.

At Consonance, the projects never stop, and next on the list is the Nigeria startup Startup Prize, we’d provide more details on this through our newsletters, subscribe to our Newsletter to remain updated about the latest happenings and opportunities at Consonance.

Editor's Note: This content was supplied by the media team at Consonance Club.

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