WHO Data Scientist, Ayodele O, builds relevant infrastructure for TeleHealth in Africa.

WHO Data Scientist, Ayodele O, builds relevant infrastructure for TeleHealth in Africa.
TeleHealth in Africa

Digital Health Companies are rapidly gaining traction across the Africa continent.

Vezeeta, Helium Health, Nawah Scientific, among many others have raised more than USD 20 million in combined funding to facilitate specialized health care delivery and AI-assisted healthcare delivery. Yet, there is a big chink in the market. What happens to patient care delivery when there are no defibrillators or patient monitors in the hospitals? Contextually, what happens to a car untenanted with fuel?

Every industry requires the founding of elementary infrastructure to facilitate adoption and traction. Quality healthcare delivery requires the establishment of  central patient data sources.

Ayodele O, a WHO’s approved data scientist has identified a growing gap in the healthcare delivery market and launched Pneumacare-an intelligent telemedicine platform. Interestingly, Pneumacare follows an approach in line with Flutterwave, Paystack, and Chipper Cash

Ayodele O, a WHO approved data scientist and founder of Pneumacare, an intelligent telemedicine platform, believes he has identified a growing gap in the healthcare delivery market. His startup, Pneumacare, follows the approach of providing healthcare infrastructure for digital healthcare startups.

By creating tools for other companies to speed up and reduce costs of their healthcare offerings, the thriving Nigerian startup is improving consumer access to basic healthcare. Modern healthcare delivery requires the sharing of information and availability of rapid development tools for builders to utilize in developing healthcare solutions for their users.

Pneumacare’s technology allows patients to get access to doctors in less than 5 minutes. The platform also allows users to book house calls, schedule physical examinations at any of Pneumacare’s offices, book lab tests and order medications for delivery or pickup. With their core API tools, any digital healthcare platform can imbibe Pneumacare’s offerings into their products and unify the consolidation of data for improved medical delivery.

In a recent discussion with Pneumacare founder, Ayodele highlights the startup’s goals to build the software tools that enhance patient relationship management for ideally any organization that aims to deliver special healthcare to patients. The team emphasized on providing data aggregation services for “joining medical records, claims and other data whose sharing are required” to understand customers. This follows the startup’s launch of, a specialized healthcare delivery platform.

Pneumacare aims to further provide a unified record of patient health by “enabling authority of personal information across disparate sources of their healthcare journey.” The startup’s promising technologies have already lured a number of essential local partners with more “influxing” of the space. Pneumacare is in talks to partner with more pharmacies and medical labs and diagnostic operators.

Delighted by the rising interest in Pneumacare’s offering, the CEO explicitly discussed the startup’s offering: “Our mission is quite simple - democratizing and enabling access to health care for Africans by accelerating digital healthcare innovations through our infrastructure. Now, developers can focus on what really matters - patient outcomes and experience. One other core part of the experience is that we enable developers and businesses to get started by opening strategic partnerships up to their  platforms”.

Laying foundations in patient data management, tele-consultation, pharmaceutical & diagnostic care is as essential as democratizing access to information. The Pneumacare initiative empowers healthcare developers to rather spend their resources building value at the clinical and experience layer, versus rebuilding the digital healthcare infrastructure repeatedly.

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