How a young Nigerian SEO professional is leveraging Whatsapp Group

Since May, Whatsapp group has seen a lot of improvements. Of the many powers given to group admins include an ability to prevent members from sending messages. Group creators and Admins like Yemi Johnson, are making good use of it in keeping their platforms sanitised.

How a young Nigerian SEO professional is leveraging Whatsapp Group
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Over the last 3 months, WhatsApp Group feature has seen a lot of upgrades ceding more control to admins.

Last week Sunday, while scanning my Twitter timeline, I came across this compelling tweet by Yemi Johnson.

Yemi is an SEO professional with over 3 years of experience working on large content sites. Currently, he functions as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of online hotels booking platform,

Making an audacious goal to triple a blog's traffic from 100K to 300K in 6 months is laudable. Plus, seeking to do so without writing plenty of new content can be daunting. Even he admits that it took his team about 6months to get to their first 100k visitors:

"This is a very ambitious feat as the team I am working with started this blog from zero back in June 2017 and only crossed 100K in traffic back in December 2017."

Being overwhelmed by positive responses, he chose to use a WhatsApp group as opposed to Twitter's for managing communications.

Yemi's WhatsApp Group

Groups are an important WhatsApp feature, as they drive the bulk of the conversations happening there – 55 billion of them.

Now, Admins don't only control who can set the group's subject, icon, and description. But they can also prevent other members from sending messages to the group.

Fortunately, this feature was released at a time Yemi was considering a suitable platform for his SEO growth project.

While setting up the WhatsApp Group tagged "Zero to 100 SEO Group", he deactivated messaging on the group. Setting up for him involved, getting people added to the group and laying down housekeeping rules.

Although he defined rules for engagements on the group, there were still about 3 members who defaulted. Either as a result of their ignorance or disregard for order.

Already, those members have been ousted out of the WhatsApp group chat.

One of Yemi's such rules involves sending messages primarily during the weekend. The weekend is a time he earmarked for Questions and Answers on things he shared the Monday before. This he did to reduce the "noise" in the group.

For the likes of Yemi, WhatsApp Group is about the only solution with effective measures to manage a group. While WhatsApp limits the member limit to only 256, Yemi's group already spots 192 members as at the time of this article.

Perhaps, in the future, WhatsApp will lift the ban on group sizes but for now, users will have to work with the hack contained in this Quora response.

Explore the new group settings feature by:

  • visiting a group you have access to
  • tapping group info at the top and
  • selecting group settings

Do you own a group or are you an admin of a WhatsApp group?, What's the one thing you are going to do straight-away?

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