Wentors mentorship program launches to shake up the tech industry.

Wentors mentorship program for women aims to provide mentees with the insight, knowledge and an influential network to reach career highs within the tech industry.

Wentors mentorship program launches to shake up the tech industry.

Wentors, a global organisation focused on increasing the rate of female participation and retention within the technology sector through mentorship has concluded its inaugural “We-Accelerate Mentorship Program” consisting of over 50 female participants.

The We-Accelerate Mentorship Program is designed for mid-level women in technology. The program ran for 4 weeks with over 100 mentor sessions taking place throughout the program. Each participant was paired with a mentor specifically chosen to help them work on their personal goals to advance their career in technology.

Having launched two successful programs prior to the We-Accelerate Cohort and with more than 2,000 existing members spread out over 4 continents, Wentors is one of the fastest growing mentorship programs for women in technology across the world.

Mentors who participated in the program this year included:

  • Yuliya Alyasheva, Head Of Security at Deutsche Telekom IT RUS with 14 years experience
  • Simona Hurjui, Global PM at Druid AI with 15 years of experience
  • Jennifer Cox, Security Engineering Manager at Tenable with 9 years of experience
  • Nada Mashhour, Partner Marketing Advisor at Microsoft with 12 years of experience
  • Anne Waweru Senior System Analyst at National Bank of Kenya with 14 years of experience
  • Ebere Nkoro Snr. Solution Sales Specialist for Business Applications at Microsoft with 17 years experience
  • Ufua Ameh Technical lead at MTN with 15 years of experience

The goal of the program is to increase female participation in the technology sector by connecting established female tech leaders with those in pursuit of a career in the upper echelons of the sector.

Each mentee throughout training undertook tasks set out by the various mentors to develop skills in growth hacking, negotiation, positioning, teamwork and other core competences.

Speaking about the conclusion of Wentors first We-Accelerate program, Unoma Adeyemi said:

It is extremely rewarding to see how successful the We-Accelerate program has been. I am really looking forward to our end of year ceremony on December 3rd when we can catch up with all the women and find out how they have implemented their mentor's advice to progress with their career. These women are now part of a global network and I am excited to be able to follow their journeys and I hope as time goes on they will become mentors themselves to the next generation of women in tech.”

The program was founded by two women with a background in technology, Unoma Adeyemi and EduAbasi Chukwunweike. The pair first met as colleagues at Microsoft before setting their sights on helping tackle the issue of low representation of women in technology.

Sharing her experience of the We-Accelerate program, wentee, Oluwabukola Oshunmakinde, said:

“My mentor Gina was transparent and real. She gave me different perspectives I could not have read online. She helped me chart a course for growth and provided a better understanding of leadership.”

About Wentors

Wentors is a global organisation that is tirelessly working to increase female participation in technology all over the globe. Wentors are making this possible by means of virtual, well structured, short-term, one to one mentorship with female professionals within the tech industry. With more than 2,000 existing members spread out over 4 continents, Wentors is one of the fastest growing mentorship programs for women in the world.

Wentors core goal is to provide training, nurturing and supporting to women working in women in technology all around the world. Wentors want to ensure every woman who wants a career in tech can have one.

Since its establishment  just one year ago, Wentors successfully  secured partnerships with organisations Safaricom, Microsoft, Amazon, TekExperts, Hernovation to name just a few. These partnerships have been incremental towards the goal of providing mentorship for 8 million women in technology by 2030.

For more information on how to apply as a mentee, a mentor or be a sponsor, please visit their website here.

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