The Voyance team is committed to educating the community about data and offering relevant tips to businesses about fully maximising their data efforts.

The Voyance webinars are a key part of its efforts to increase awareness about the immense benefits of a data-driven business. They cover a range of topics that will help businesses identify problems data science can solve in their businesses. The sessions also guide early data science adopters on how to reap the dividends of their data investments. Topics to be covered include;

  • How to Improve Customer Experience and Base Using AI,
  • Combating Customer Churn With AI and
  • Machine learning in Fintech and lots more

In this first webinar session, Voyance’s Research Engineer, Odunayo Ogundepo and AI Lead, Michael Sodimu will be sharing their years of experience in assisting companies to make their customer experience better using Artificial Intelligence. The webinar will hold on Saturday, 27th February 2021. Click here to be a part of this interesting conversation.

Odunayo and Michael will be answering questions about keeping your customers satisfied in this webinar titled: How to Improve Customer Experience and Base Using AI. The experience of a customer captures all of the customer journey and how it can be maximized to reduce friction.  Get your customers to stay loyal to your company and learn how to fix the problems that are costing you, customers.

In this first one-hour webinar, you will learn from top professionals in the data industry on how to:

  • 1. Automatically generate and analyze customer feedback
  • 2. Gain insights using existing generated data to make efficient decisions
  • 3. Use AI to improve sales.

You can start making accurate business decisions with data generated from your company today. Keep your spot here.

In the past, only a few companies could get a good understanding from their data, so Voyance decided to step in. They built an automated platform that helps businesses save time and get clean data without even knowing how to code. It also allows Data Scientists to build, train and deploy machine learning models on the platform. Voyance’s work is centred around simplifying data analysis for businesses so they can focus on making better business decisions.

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At Voyance, you can run complex models and transformations on your data to increase decision making efficiency, with zero stress. The best part is the access your business analysts have to a data warehouse; a place to build and share analytical reports with the rest of the team, without worrying about data compromise.

‘How to Improve Customer Experience and Base Using AI’ webinar will hold:

Date: Saturday, February 27, 2021

Time: 11 AM to 12 PM (GMT)

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