Leadspace and University of Arizona launch Global Campus to serve Nigerians

The University of Arizona has partnered with Leadspace to launch Global Campus to serve students in Nigeria.

Leadspace and University of Arizona launch Global Campus to serve Nigerians

The University of Arizona has partnered with Leadspace to launch Global Campus to serve students in Nigeria.

With the Global Campus programme, anyone can enroll for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the University of Arizona (UoA) without leaving Nigeria. Global Campus would enable Nigerians to earn an American degree — Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Master of Science (MSc).

Considering the global pandemic and its attendant restrictions, Global Campus is particularly timely.

The President of University of Arizona, Robert Robbins, said, "Global Campus not only helps to solve the mobility challenges of today caused by COVID-19, it is also a meaningful and long-term effort at meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of providing accessible quality education to the world".

The education goal is SDG 4. It aims to "ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all".

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rate of education exclusion. More than 15 African countries still have literacy rates of 50% and below.

While the literacy rate in Nigeria is above 50%, the quality of education is reportedly deplorable. The National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non-formal Education (MMEC) said only 35% of adult Nigerians are illiterate. But the President and CEO of Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management, Prof Chris Onalo, remarked in an interview that 95% of Nigerian graduates are unemployable.

Leadspace revealed in a statement sent to that there is scholarship opportunity for Nigerians with Global Campus. Leadspace is a co-working community created to provide shared office facilities for freelancers and business owners at a very low cost.

"This is one of the most affordable ways to get a degree from a top American university without leaving the country", it said.

University of Arizona and Leadspace launch Global Campus to serve Nigerians

Given the travel restrictions, school delays and visa moratorium as a result of the global pandemic, Global Campus students would have full access to Leadspace co-working facilities.

Leadspace currently operates two locations — Yaba and Ojodu, in Lagos State. It also manages Hub One, a co-working space and innovation hub for First City Monument Bank.

Both Leadspace and Hub One's facilities have comfortable seating areas, high-speed internet and reliable power supply. Global Campus students can also participate in Leadspace's events.

How to register for Global Campus by Leadspace and University of Arizona

Prospective students can apply for the Fall (August) session. Registration deadline is August 8, 2020.

Global Campus students have two options to choose from:

  • Complete a full U.S. undergraduate degree, graduate degree or graduate certificate online with complete access to all Leadspace facilities.
  • Enroll in a pathway program of online courses to prepare for virtually any study in the U.S.

According to the statement, Global Campus students would be fully admitted into the University of Arizona, receive transcript for courses taken during the programme, and they can continue their education with UoA or any other American university.

Both programmes include online tutoring and academic support from the University of Arizona. Leadspace would also give students access to its co-working locations across the country and Global Campus students would be able to work and study without distractions.

"The events that caused the current situation in international education have hastened the dawn of a new post-mobility world in which physical travel is unnecessary for the creation and transmission of knowledge across borders", said Brent White, Vice Provost of Global Affairs at University of Arizona.​​

The University of Arizona's Global Campus programme presents students with flexible options and provides access to advisers who can help students to create a customized learning plan.

White said, "Almost overnight, courses have transitioned to online, and international students are continuing to study while remaining safe at home in their own countries. We want to help them achieve their dreams of a U.S. degree, no matter the circumstances".

Education is single most impactful investment anyone — parent or student — can make, Taiwo Ajetunmobi, CEO of Leadspace concluded. "We are thrilled to introduce such a timely, flexible, and high quality education opportunity to the millions of people across Nigeria seeking a world class university education".

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