uLesson has partnered with MultiChoice to bring fun educational content to African families.

uLesson Education Limited is a VC-backed edtech startup founded by Sim Shagaya. The startup takes an unconventional approach to solving the educational challenges in Africa. With a smartphone and minimal internet connection, students can learn and be assessed. Today, uLesson focuses on providing fun, curriculum-relevant content for secondary school students.

To scale its immersive learning programme, uLesson has partnered with MultiChoice Africa.

MultiChoice Africa is the biggest video entertainment company on the continent. They operate DStv, the most viewed premium Pay TV service provider on the continent. Also, MultiChoice owns GOtv, a mass-market alternative which now has more subscribers than DStv.

MultiChoice also owns the popular Africa Magic (AfMag) Family channels. Africa Magic Family shows on channel 154 on DStv and channel 2 on GOtv.

Television companies have enjoyed an unbeaten run delivering video entertainment on the continent. But with increasing internet penetration, internet TV companies are posing a threat. Examples of internet TV companies are YouTube and Netflix.

In 2000, the number of internet users in Africa was 4.5 million. By 2020, that number increased by 11,567% to 526.7 million. African parents are now subscribing their kids to YouTube Kids. But YouTube is yet to latch onto creating curriculum-relevant content for kids.

With this partnership, MultiChoice can be that destination for curriculum-relevant educational content. The uLesson, MultiChoice partnership kicked off on Monday, June 8, 2020. Powered by uLesson, DStv and GOtv have been teaching kids Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Speaking on the partnership, uLesson CEO Sim Shagaya said, "We are excited to power one hour of rich immersive learning on Africa Magic Family. In these extraordinary times (COVID-19), this partnership is especially valuable to learners. We are proud to be a part of this".

First, uLesson took digital learning offline and now they are bringing it home.