Tyrus Technologies: revolutionising payments with embedded financial solutions

Tyrus technologies is bridging business borders for seamless international transactions

Tyrus Technologies: revolutionising payments with embedded financial solutions

In an increasingly connected digital world, the complexities of assessing and facilitating international payments have posed significant challenges for many businesses.

Tyrus Technologies steps boldly into this arena with its groundbreaking product, Miden Cards, designed to reshape the landscape of global payments.

Empowering Africa's digital economy

Tyrus Technologies, a registered entity operating in the US, UK, and Nigeria, has a visionary mission: to empower businesses to effortlessly navigate international payments using virtual cards. 

Spearheaded by CEO Dominic Okiemute, a luminary in the industry, Tyrus Technologies is committed to enabling businesses to seamlessly connect with the global economy while utilizing virtual cards.

The Miden solution

At the core of this mission lies Miden, a state-of-the-art platform meticulously crafted by Tyrus Technologies. Miden offers businesses the convenience of integrating APIs to issue virtual MasterCard and Visa payment cards that facilitate worldwide collections and payouts. The astonishingly rapid process allows any company to issue virtual USD cards within a single day.

Miden Cards are the pivotal conduit that unlocks a world of opportunities for clients, vendors, and employees. They bridge the gap between businesses of varying sizes and global services. 

CTO Ini Udoh elaborates, "Our primary focus is on constructing a robust virtual card program that accommodates various use cases, ranging from payment collections to cross-border transactions, corporate cards and 3DS and beyond."

Impressive milestones

Tyrus Technologies has made remarkable strides on this transformative journey. Their beta launch in March 2023 elicited an enthusiastic response, issuing over 7,000 cards and processing more than $600,000 in transactions. 

Fast forward to today, and the numbers are truly staggering: over 50,000 cards issued, with monthly transaction volumes exceeding $1.5 million and a customer retention rate of 100%.

For Miden Cards, this is just the inception. They boast Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) certification and have broadened their service offerings to encompass payout solutions and multi-currency funding choices for clients. 

Additionally, they are gearing up to introduce tokenization, push-to-cards services, and a venture into the blockchain domain with stablecoin-denominated virtual cards.

Miden Cards by Tyrus is not merely altering the landscape; they are leveling the playing field for businesses in their regions. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and inclusivity is paving the way for a future where international payments cease to be barriers and instead become gateways to fresh opportunities in the digital age.

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