Twitter’s new feature is set to rival top podcast hosting platforms

Twitter is venturing into new markets with a feature that enables audio-only broadcasts similar to what's available on podcasts.

Twitter’s new feature is set to rival top podcast hosting platforms
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On September 7, Twitter launched a feature to help users enjoy audio-only broadcasts without having to be on the app.

Formerly, Twitter’s broadcasts were video-based but with this new feature, users can produce and consume broadcasts in the form of podcasts. This feature roll-out is starting with their native iOS app and periscope, their live video-streaming app. There is no official release date for the android app.

In English, the new feature gives users the option to talk to their followers without being seen. Also, broadcasts can be replayed multiple times.

This is great for people who want to communicate but are camera-shy or those who are particular about their message being taken whole without the distraction from video graphics. However, those same set of people would have to decide on the trade-off between video content and audio-only content. By design, a video is more engaging because it engages more sensory organs (the ears and the eyes) than an audio-only (ears) content.

But sometimes videos are overkill and audio would do just fine. So, that’s the trade-off.

For podcast lovers, this is familiar territory. Creators of podcasts are accustomed to staying unseen while communicating their points and ideas. However, most of them record videos, which are sometimes posted on other channels like YouTube.

You can start using the “audio-only broadcast” option, once you've updated the app from your apple app store. Click on the “Go Live” button on the compose screen and you’re all set.

With this feature, Twitter looks to tap into the growing podcast hosting market rivaling the likes of Soundcloud, Lisbyn, and Podbean.

A requirement to listen to audio-only broadcasts is having the twitter app, so your friends can listen to your broadcasts. This will increase twitter’s user growth.

Coupled with the relaunch of the reverse chronological feed, users can now choose to enjoy their broadcast in order of latest to oldest.

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