Tecno Camon 30 Premier review: The latest flagship in the Camon series is the best one yet

The Camon 30 Premier 5G phone will get 2 major OS updates up to Android 16.

Tecno Camon 30 Premier review: The latest flagship in the Camon series is the best one yet
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The Camon 30 Premier hit the scene in April 2024, with some pretty impressive features. We're talking a massive 512GB of storage for all your photos, videos, and apps. Official prices and availability are still scarce in various regions, but considering its sibling, the Camon 30 Pro 5G, sits around $429, we expect the Premier 5G variant to be somewhere in the ballpark of $100 or $150 more.

when you unpack the phone, you'll get the usual user manuals and charging essentials – a USB-A to USB-C cable and a speedy 70W charger. Tecno even throws in a nice protective silicone case with a stylish touch, and most reviewers report that there might even be a pair of wireless earbuds included. These earbuds have a neat trick up their sleeve: a double tap lets you snap a photo remotely – perfect for those hands-free selfies. 

Keep reading to see if the camera-centric phone lives up to these impressive-sounding specs.

Tecno Camon 30 Premier 5G: Design

Tecno has managed to create a phone that's stylish and functional, boasting a design that blends beauty with cutting-edge features.

The first thing you'll notice is the size – the massive 6.77-inch display makes it perfect for immersive multimedia experiences and intense gaming sessions. But hold on, there's more to it than just the screen perks. Tecno opted for a unique approach with the materials. Instead of the usual all-glass back, the Premier features a metal chassis that wraps around the top of the rear, transitioning smoothly into a special "Tech-Art" leather material. In the Snowy Silver model, this combination creates a sophisticated and eye-catching look.

Despite its size, the phone is surprisingly lightweight at 210 grams. However, the flat sides and the raised camera module might make it feel a bit thicker in hand than the actual measurements suggest. Overall, the Camon 30 Premier 5G strikes a balance between aesthetics and functionality, offering a phone that's comfortable to hold and undeniably stylish.


  • Classic side-axis camera design, metal unibody frame, Corning Gorilla Glass 5
  • Colour: Hawaii Lava Black / Alps Snowy Silver
  • Size: 6.77 inches
This is the display of the Alpha snowy silver colour.
Tecno’s "Tech-Art" leather design\

Tecno Camon 30 Premier 5G Display

The Camon 30 Premier doesn't shy away when it comes to the display. This mid-ranger boasts a feature set that could rival some high-end phones. Tecno touts it as their best screen yet and with good reason. It's a stunning 6.77-inch LTPO AMOLED display with a 1.5k resolution (1264x2780 pixels).

This translates to crystal-clear visuals with vibrant colours and deep blacks, making everything from streaming videos to browsing the web a delight for your eyes. An impressive 1400 nits of brightness means you'll have no trouble seeing the screen even on sunny days. In fact, during a side-by-side comparison with the Samsung Galaxy A55, the Camon 30 Premier's display appeared even more vivid and colourful.


  • 6.77 inches ( 17.2 cm); AMOLED.
  • 1264x2780 px (FHD+).
  • 120Hz refresh rate.
  • Gorilla Glass 5 protection.
  • Bezel-less with a punch-hole display.
The Camon 30 Premier display

Tecno Camon 30 Premier 5G Performance (Memory and Gaming)

The Camon 30 Premier 5G has a MediaTek Dimensity 8200 processor under the hood, which translates to great speed and smooth operation. This means whether you're a multitasking master juggling work apps or a hardcore gamer, this phone should be able to keep up. Speaking of gaming, the Dimensity 8200 handles even complex titles like Call of Duty Mobile, Genshin Impact, and Asphalt 9 Airborne without breaking a sweat, even on high graphics settings.

But power isn't everything – you also need the space to store all those games, photos, and videos. Thankfully, the Camon 30 Premier boasts a whopping 512GB of storage, which is plenty for most users. However, there's a bit of a trade-off here – there's no option to expand the storage with a microSD card, so what you get is what you're stuck with.

One area where the Camon 30 Premier might fall a little short is audio. While it has stereo speakers, they don't quite deliver the same rich, bass-heavy sound as some competitors, like the Galaxy A55. There's a chance you might be able to tweak the sound profile in settings, but some users have reported the Settings app crashing when trying to access the audio menu. This is something to keep in mind if you're a music lover or gamer who relies on immersive sound.


  • MediaTek Dimensity 8200 ultimate (4nm).
  • CPU: Octa-core (3.1 GHz, single core + 3 GHz, Tri core + 2 GHz, Quad core)
  • GPU: Mali-G610 Mc6
  • Operating system: Android 14, HIOS 14.
The phone comes with a leather finish
Shadow Fight 3 to run smoothly on the Tecno Camon 30 Premier 5G

Tecno Camon 30 Premier 5G Camera

The real star of the show with the Camon 30 Premier is, unsurprisingly, the camera. Tecno equips the Premier with a powerful triple-lens setup featuring a 50MP Sony IMX890 main sensor for detailed photos and HDR. An additional 50MP ultra-wide lens captures stunning landscapes and close-ups, while the 50MP periscope lens with 3x zoom brings distant objects right up close.

But that's not all. The front also boasts a 50MP camera with autofocus for flawless selfies. Tecno's PolarAce imaging system might sound complicated, but it translates to cool features like 4K video recording with AI noise reduction and even 4K Ultra-night Vision for low-light situations.

Overall, the camera delivers for anyone who loves photography and wants a smartphone that can deliver professional-grade shots. It captures natural-looking photos with the ability to boost saturation for a more striking look. You can achieve beautiful depth of field, and the 3x zoom impresses with sharp details. While the software can be a bit heavy-handed with noise reduction sometimes, the camera is generally enjoyable and produces great photos.

Shots from the triple-lens main camera
More shots from the main camera in low light look pretty decent

Tecno Camon 30 Premier 5G: Battery and Charging

The Camon 30 Premier comes with a sustainable battery life of 5000mAh, which means that you can use it for an extended period without worrying about running out of power. Additionally, it features 70W wired charging, which enables you to recharge the battery quickly and efficiently.

After conducting several tests and observations, it has been found that the Camon 30 Premier comes with a fast charge feature that allows you to charge the battery from 0 to 100% in just 45 minutes of steady charging. This is a remarkable feature that makes the Camon 30 Premier stand out from other smartphones in its class.

Camon 30 Premier at 60% charging

Tecno Camon 30 Premier: Connectivity and Network

The Camon 30 Premier is equipped with advanced connectivity features to offer fast and stable internet speeds. It supports 4G/5G LTE, which means you can enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds on the go, without any interruptions. Additionally, it features WI-FI 6, Bluetooth 5.2, GNSS, NFC, OTG, and a USB Type-C port for seamless connectivity with other devices.

The WI-FI 6 technology included in the device offers faster speeds, improved security, and better performance, making it ideal for streaming high-quality content, gaming, and downloading large files. Bluetooth 5.2 allows for faster and more stable connections with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, while GNSS enables accurate location tracking.

Tecno Camon 30 Premier in Hawaii Lava Black

Reasons to buy the phone

  • 5G Capable
  • High-quality Display
  • Ample memory (12 GB)
  • Optical Stabiliser and zoom qualities
  • Lasting Battery

Reasons to Consider

  • Fixed Storage Capacity
  • No headphone jack


The Tecno Camon 30 Premier is a phone designed for those who demand premium features and photography enthusiasts. The long-lasting 5000mAh battery, smooth 120Hz display, and massive 512GB of storage are sure to sweeten the deal.

However, there's no getting around the price tag. While the exact cost might vary depending on your region, expect to spend about $100 or $150 more than the estimated $429 cost of its sibling, the Camon 30 Pro 5G. 

Is it worth it? Ultimately, that depends on your priorities. The Camon 30 Premier might be a great choice. But, if you're on a tighter budget, you might want to consider other options that offer similar features at a more competitive price point.

Pricing and Availability

While official launch details for the Camon 30 series are still emerging, you can check with local retailers or Tecno Mobile stores for the latest information on availability and pricing in your region.  Keep in mind that the starting price for the Tecno Camon 30 in Nigeria is around ₦355,000/$529, so expect the Premier variant to cost more.

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