Tech Meets Entertainment Summit 2018

Tech Meets Entertainment Summit 2018

The Tech Meets Entertainment Summit (TMES) organised by Ingressive will hold on one day during the Tour of Tech Africa (October 25) at Zone Tech Park.

It is a conference designed for everyone in the tech ecosystem and the entertainment industry.

The Summit which has been themed Building investment ready companies in Nigeria will convene business leaders, entrepreneurs, actors, musicians and investors.

Ingressive believes that entertainers are missing out on the business aspect of their art.

"Entertainers have cracked a long sought after code of how to personally connect to those who value their brand. Unfortunately it is too often the business partners of our artists who profit most from this interaction…

As a result, Ingressive seeks to empower these artists, and influencers by showing them how to monetize their brand value.

Dinner at a previous edition of TMES

Ingressives' other motivations include the understanding that:

  • artists are commonly sought after to invest in startups
  • artists are often asked to serve on boards as advisers to give founders credibility
  • entertainers possess the power to build a customer base over night
  • various communities see successful artists as thought leaders and symbols of hope

For the artists who would be attending this year's event there is an opportunity to:

  • learn what to look for when investing
  • connect with potential co-investment partners, solid business leads, informational resources, and ongoing support
  • learn how to monetize their following
Maya Morgan-Famodu, Founder, Ingressive with models

Registration is open for the Tech Meets Entertainment Summit 2018, touted as the only tech summit designed to connect tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and entertainers.

The Summit will host more than 30 distinguished panelists and speakers, including business leaders, inventors, entertainers and policymakers.

Left: Artist Runtown's Manager, Ifeanyi Nwune

Entertainers in attendance range from business moguls and singers such as Don Jazzy and Ajebutter22, a tech business man and entertainer, to business-minded actors.

Entertainers have done the hard work of engaging millions, I’d love to see what happens when we plug that power into the tech community to monetize… - Sean Burrowes, COO, Ingressive

The lead sponsor for the conference is gitHub, the world-leading software development platform.  

For more information and to register for the summit please visit

Photo credit: BellaNaija

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