Tech gifts for valentine

Here are some tech (and non tech) gifts that will make life easier for your significant other.

Tech gifts for valentine

It’s Valentine again. The season for lovers. You’re probably looking for that thoughtful gift your special someone will cherish. Chocolates and flowers are good but wouldn’t it be nice to have something unique to go along with it?

Here are some tech (and non tech) gifts that will make life easier for your significant other.

Heart Shaped USB mouse

Price: $12.95. Available here

What other gift is more romantic this season than a heart USB mouse? Make your giftee feel the love when they surf around with this USB computer mouse shaped like a glossy red heart. This 75% plastic and 25% metal features a scrolling wheel and plugs in via USB port.

2. Heart shaped ring light

Price: $19.99. Available here

This is the age of remote work. We are always attending a virtual meeting or live streaming. Enable your lover to radiate love with every live stream when you illuminate the way with this heart-shaped ring light. It features a variety of brightness levels and colour temperatures with a gooseneck and phone holder for ultimate functionality.

3. Leather tassel lighting charging cable

Price: $18.59. Available here

This is not just a cable, it's a portable charging cable and more. The leather tassel has a decoration accessories pendant which could be attached to your lover’s keys, handbag, shoulder bag, school bag purse. With this gift, there’s no more forgetting or losing your cable. It has a charging current of up to 3. 0 mAh which provides fast charging and data transferring speed.

4. Desk lamp bluetooth speaker

Price: $30. Available here

Make your lover’s desk space even more functional with this lamp featuring a built-in bluetooth speaker and integrated pen cup for holding all their essentials for sparking that creative flow. It illuminates with LEDs, equipped with a gooseneck for adjusting to the perfect angle and finished with a built-in phone stand.

5. Charging Dock

Price: $33.52. Available here

Charging phones the traditional way can be boring. With this charging dock, your loved ones can keep their phones upright while charging. Sounds cool right? Your partner can charge smartphones, smart watches, tablets, airpods, etc. on the device.

6. Digital photo frame

Price: $69.69 Available here

With a digital photo frame, your loved ones can continuously relive special moments. If this isn’t a reason to upgrade from a static image or album we don’t know what is. Another reason is that you can constantly change and cycle through images, as well as add new ones to the frame.

7. Adjustable laptop stand

Price: $15.62 Available here

How about helping your remote working friend or loved one upgrade their workspace by giving them a laptop stand? Certainly, they’d appreciate you for being so creative and thoughtful. They can place mobile phones, tablets, pens and coffee cups because the table legs are strong, easy to fold, store and durable.

9. Selfie Light

Price: $8.41. Available here

Your lover’s Instagram profile is about to get lit this season thanks to this smartphone accessory. It provides picture perfect lighting even in the poorest lit rooms. They provide warm, illuminating light that is designed to be flattering for selfies and reduce the blur in your photos.

9. Electric Heating Mug And Saucer

Price: $29. Available here.

Does your lover need to start their morning with a kick of caffeine, but always seem to forget to drink it? If yes, then Ember Mug 2 is made for them. This heat-controlled smart mug made of ceramic, keeps hot drinks warmer for longer. They can choose the temperature down to the degree they want, and it’ll stay that way for up to an hour and a half.

10. Oraimo smart watch

Price: $59.97. Available here

An Oraimo smart watch is one of the coolest and most creative gifts anyone can get. Get a wider, more dazzling view right on your partner’s wrist by buying an Oraimo smart watch. It will cue the call, text and favourite app alerts to keep them in touch with their schedule

11. Electronic Art Ps4 Fifa 22

Price: $58.6. Available here

What other way to capture the heart of your man than with the latest PS game. FIFA 22 PS4 brings the game closer to the real thing. There are vital gameplay progress, as well as a new season of change in every mode. Your lover can play with 17,000+ players, over 700 teams in 90+ stadiums and more than 30 leagues from all over the globe.

12. 3 month netflix subscription

Price: $21. Available here

Your partner deserves some form of entertainment and binge-watching movies and series here and there would do no wrong. Not only will this help them relax and keep up with their favourite shows but they will thank you for it.

13. 3 months internet data subscription

Price: $36

Internet data subscription is one of the most important assets of anyone working remotely. This gift will definitely get you the gratitude of your loved one as they get to access the internet for the period of subscription.

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