STEMCafe in partnership with ENYO Retail and Supply launches its first location in Nigeria

STEMCafe in partnership with ENYO Retail and Supply launches its first location in Nigeria

STEMCafe, a kids creativity play space launched its first location in partnership with ENYO Retail and Supply in Lekki, Lagos—Nigeria.

CcHUB founder and CEO, Bosun Tijani is also the visioner and founder of the STEMCafe movement.

STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

STEMCafe was particularly designed to expose kids and young adults ("kids") aged 5-18 to a world of STEM and its real life application.

"At the Cafe, the kids will spend time creating various projects and a wide array of fun interactive activities as well as design and print 3D models to experiment with amazing creations and ideas, all under the guidance of trained STEM educators", STEMCafe said in a statement to

Bosun Tijani, CcHUB Co-founder and CEO says, “There is an urgent need for an extensive application of scientific and technological breakthroughs to leapfrog development across Africa. Exposing our young people to STEM at an early age is one sure way of building a generation of innovators and thinkers who will sustain and strengthen the evolving position of Africa in the world. I am extremely excited to once again contribute to building a fun platform that will build a new generation of leaders for science and technology across Africa through the STEMCafe.

When you think about nearly everything you use on a daily basis—phone, laptop, TV, gas cooker—you find the application of STEM.

Countries with huge focus on STEM education see massive economic returns even as more tech startups and unicorns are born. For one, there will be creation of jobs by thriving tech startups that have been borne out of an earlier STEM education.

China is a good example of a country that has placed emphasis on STEM and is seeing the returns. "31% of China’s bachelor’s degrees are awarded in engineering", Forbes reports. And "60% of the world's top 10 unicorns are from China", says A ton of research has shown a correlation between STEM and economic growth, beyond those two statements used as markers.

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Although with increasing STEM application comes environmental costs, yet equipping kids with the knowledge of STEM would raise a consciousness on how they can factor in the environmental implications of their inventions.

Nigeria must expand the capacity and diversity of the STEM workforce pipeline to prepare the younger generation for the top jobs of the future.

Speaking on why STEMCafe chose to partner with ENYO Retail and Supply, Bosun states that, "EnYO has been reinventing the downstream business significantly over the last 2-3 years with some extremely exciting innovation. With their growing chain of stations which are modern facilities, it made sense to partner with them both as a landlord and as a company that’s interested in pushing the boundaries on application of technology for economic prosperity in Nigeria".

ENYO—ENergy for YOu

For ENYO's CEO, Abayomi Awobokun the partnership is part of their vision to be more, more than just a gas station but focused on community development.

"We believe the two organizations are partnering because we believe in learning and creating a conducive learning environment for young people, specifically learning around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We see the linkages; we like the partnership with STEMCafe, and together we will support the capacity of our younger generation in STEM towards the growth of the continent", says Yomi.

Since founding in 2017, ENYO now has 65 stations across the country.

The Chief Financial Officer of  ENYO Retail and Supply, Fernando Madeira is also aboard the investment into dedicating a space for STEM education on their premise. She stated that "Enyo Retail and Supply continues to set the technology trend in the oil and gas industry with the launch of the STEMCafe—incorporating innovative technology and cutting edge initiatives as a truly modern company well interested in the well-being and future of their community".

The future will see STEMCafe collaborating with more organizations in creating spaces that will give kids the interactive experience needed for them to remain confident in their imaginations, thus promoting creativity in the younger generation. "Subsequent locations may or may not be with EnYO - depending on the location", Bosun tells Benjamin Dada.

For parents and guardians interested in sending their kids to the STEMCafe, it would cost ₦5,000 for an entire year. This fee will provide a variety of membership packages with the space open from 12:00 PM—6:00 PM on Monday to Friday , 10:00 AM—6:00 PM on Saturdays and 2:00PM—6:00PM on Sundays.

Interested parents or guardians can forward their inquiry to [email protected].

Cover Picture—Tutu Fellows; Abayomi Awobokun (CEO, ENYO) and 'Bosun Tijani (CEO, CcHUb) at a Breakfast Chat in CcHUB with Yomi

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