Softcom, one of Nigeria's leading innovation and technology companies is announcing Day X—a landmark event to unveil its new, intuitive solutions to accelerate growth for dreamers and doers.

Day X, which is scheduled to hold on July 29, 2021 by 11 am will be an online-only event. Attendees can sign up for the event here:

Via the initiatives to be launched on Day X, Softcom will be solving for the growth of every day users and entrepreneurs who have been categorised as dreamers and doers.

Dreamers are essentially all of us - hopeful, active, buzzing with ideas and with a strong desire to grow.

Doers or entrepreneurs go further to turn their ideas into products, businesses, adventures, and opportunities that accommodate others and create the path for collective growth.

Day X will expose these dreamers and doers to answers for growth and an ecosystem of tools that will empower business owners to sell better, sell more, identify people, control their money and make better decisions. Ambitious, early-stage, and growing businesses should take advantage of this.

The goal of Softcom is summed up in this excerpt from the open letter to society by the CEO, Yomi Adedeji:

Our ultimate goal is to create an open world with equitable access to intuitive solutions that address the most basic human needs and by doing so enable societal development, business growth and human prosperity. - Yomi Adedeji

Softcom believes that people who dream and those who act on their dreams contribute to the advancement of human existence and enable our society.

Everyone who falls into these categories of dreamers and doers should register for Day X and join us live here on the 29th of July, 2021 at 11.00 am

About Softcom

Softcom is a 14-year-old company with experience in innovation, technology solutions for businesses and enabling access at scale.

Our products and expertise have powered various initiatives and growth projects for MTN, Cocacola, GB Foods, Rockefeller foundation, MTN Foundation, ARM, BOI, Ardova PLC, Samsung, NIBSS, Gino, NAICOM and many other organisations.

We worked with these organisations to deepen customer intimacy, know more, plan better, serve their customers, increase revenue, improve decision-making, and deliver on their various objectives using Technology. These experiences shaped us and contributed to our growth.

We now identify as a “Business 2 Entrepreneur” company - a proud partner of potential to dreamers and doers with our solutions.