Seven countries you can get a digital nomad visa with less than $1500

If you earn $1,500 per month or less working remotely, you may be eligible to apply for these affordable digital nomad visas around the world.

Seven countries you can get a digital nomad visa with less than $1500

Since COVID-19, countries around the world are opening their doors to tech talents. This is made possible by the popularity of remote work, which allows tech talent to be able to work from anywhere.

African tech talents are not left out and according to Andela’s 2022 African Developer Survey, around 90% of African developers want to work remotely fully or partially. This gives room for tech talents to explore countries with lower cost of living, stable internet connectivity, rich scenery and culture.

There are over forty digital nomad visas available for remote workers worldwide. We curated the ones that are ideal for digital nomads living on a budget or just starting out. If you earn $1,500 per month or less working remotely, you may be eligible to apply for these affordable digital nomad visas around the world.


Minimum income requirement: $0

Bermuda launched its Work from Bermuda certificate in the summer of 2020. The self-governing British Overseas Territory offers a laid-back lifestyle with beautiful beaches. However, the island is also focused on being business-forward, which is an ideal environment for digital nomads.

The Bermuda digital nomad visa allows applicants to bring their spouses and dependents to live on the island with them for 12 months. While Bermuda does not have a set minimum income requirement, you should still be able to support yourself there.

Note that the cost of living in Bermuda is slightly higher than in the United States to give you an idea of how much you should be earning. Immigration officials may request to see your bank statements to verify that you do have the means to support yourself.


Minimum income requirement: $0

Would you enjoy living on a Caribbean island with European architecture and cultural influence? We sure would!

With the Curacao digital nomad visa, remote workers can live on the island for up to one year. Officially known as the @Home in Curacao program, digital nomads from around the world have chosen to relocate to the island due to the low minimum income requirement.

While there is no set amount applicants must earn each month, immigration officials may request to see bank statements to verify that you can support yourself in Curacao.

The Curacao digital nomad visa is the most affordable island in the Caribbean. You also won’t have to pay income tax to the island either.


Minimum income requirement: $900/month

Cities such as Bogota and Medellin have been long-time favourite destinations for digital nomads. With the recent introduction of the Colombia digital nomad visa, remote workers can receive a residence permit for one to two years and legally live in this beautiful and colourful country.

With an emerging tech startup culture, Colombia is becoming even more popular amongst digital nomads. The year-round springlike weather in certain parts of the country also makes it an ideal location.

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As one of the most affordable digital nomad visas in South America at the moment, Colombia is an excellent choice for digital nomads first starting their location-independent lifestyle.


Minimum income requirement: $1,350/month

Imagine working from the very middle of the planet, near the equator in Ecuador. With the Ecuador digital nomad visa, you can work remotely from the country for up to two years.

The emerging digital nomad destination offers excellent views, cuisine, and natural beaches. The weather is also ideal for those who enjoy the sun and consistently warm days.

The visa allows applicants to bring their spouses and dependents. However, the income requirement increases by $250 for each family member.

Ecuador settled on the amount of the income requirement by multiplying the national base salary by three. However, one of the significant benefits of the visa is that holders will not be taxed on income earned outside of Ecuador.

Cape Verde

Minimum income requirement: $1,500 average bank balance

Made up of seven islands, Cape Verde is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa. A calm and diverse set of islands, digital nomads have started to explore the area more thanks to the Cape Verde digital nomad visa.

The visa allows applicants to relocate to the islands with their family members for six months, with the option to renew the visa for an additional six months.

As one of the world’s most affordable digital nomad visas, Cape Verde only requires applicants to maintain a bank balance of $1,500 for the last six months.


Minimum income requirement: $1,500/month

The tropical African island of Mauritius has begun welcoming those who partake in virtual working with the Mauritius digital nomad visa. Visitors and digital nomads will experience a unique culture and some of the most colourful natural scenery on the planet.

The requirements are quite lenient. If you’re applying as an individual, you’ll only have to earn $1,500 per month. However, if applying as a couple, the minimum income increases to $3,000 per month. Additionally, if you choose to bring dependents, it increases by $500 for each member.

Also known as the Mauritius Premium Visa, the visa application process is quick and easy. You’ll receive an answer of approval within 48 hours of submitting your documents.

It’s important to note that you will be required to pay taxes to Mauritius if you spend 183 days out of the year in the country on this affordable digital nomad visa.


Minimum income requirement: $1,500/month or $18,000 in a bank account

Brazil began welcoming digital nomads and remote workers to live in the country for one to two years in 2022. As a popular destination amongst location-independent workers, the Brazil digital nomad visa was a welcome development.

Known for its low cost of living, gorgeous beaches and Amazon forests, and exciting cities such as Rio, São Paulo and Brasilia, Brazil is an adventurous place to live for digital nomads. The visa does allow applicants to bring their immediate family members with them.

One of the great benefits of Brazil’s digital nomad visa is the option to either actively work remotely or save enough funds in your bank account to qualify. Having the option to have funds in your savings allows you to work at your own pace and grow a remote business from the ground up without worrying about meeting a minimum income each month.

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