What happened at Selar’s Digital Creator Summit 2023?

The event featured keynote speeches from top industry leaders in the creator economy, panel sessions from renowned creators, and other insightful conversations

What happened at Selar’s Digital Creator Summit 2023?

Selar hosted the second edition of the Digital Creator Summit on the 6th - 7th of July 2023. The largest virtual event for creators in Africa gathered creators, experts, coaches, and business owners across Africa to discuss “Going Global With Your Message.

The event was designed with keynote speeches from top industry leaders in the creator economy, panel sessions from renowned creators, and other insightful sessions where speakers shared their knowledge on how creators can take their knowledge to the global stage.

With a lineup of 21 exceptional speakers, including Steve Harris, Dr. Naomi Osemedua, MI Abaga, Mfon Ekpo, Bankole Williams, Tosin Olaseinde, Josh Alfred (Josh2funny), Laju Iren, Fisayo Fosudo, Evans Akanno, Adora Nwodo, Folasade Daini, Mitchelle Chibundu, Mylène Flicka, Elozonam, Aisha Owolabi, Yetunde Bankole-Bernard, Tolu Michaels, Ayobami Oyaleke, and Douglas Kendyson, the summit proved to be a transformative experience, providing valuable insights and real-life experiences for creators to learn from.

Over 20,000 digital creators registered for the second edition of the Digital Creator Summit 2023 to listen to the speakers share their experiences on various topics such as;

●      Mastering the Business of Your Talent and Taking it to the Global Stage

●      How to Build a Digital Community and Movement in the Creator Economy

●      The Role of Authenticity and Transparency in Building a Successful Brand as a Digital Creator

And much more.

The summit kicked off with a welcome address by Milton Tutu, CMO of Selar. In his speech, he reiterated that the best time to get involved in the Creator Economy is now. Creators have all it takes to take charge of the global audience and all you need to do is start. In his words, "As a creator you have the mantle and calling to dominate the creator economy and take your creator message global.”

He further reiterated that being a creator is not limited by geographic location. “Regardless of your location, your content can be consumed by anyone from anywhere in the world. Which is what we have come to share with you today in this summit.” Milton says.

Highlights from the panel sessions on Day one; the Entertainment Panel Session: How The Internet Has Put The African Creator Economy On The Map, and the Tech Panel Session: The Impact of Technology on the Creative Process and the Future of Creativity left attendees feeling more inspired.

The Tech Panel session helped attendees to look beyond AI as a replacement tool to an assistant tool. Aisha Owolabi advises to “Go beyond your skill and think about the value you bring to the team. AI can’t replace that.

Mitchelle Chibundu (Designerbabe) told creators to “Think of AI as an enhancement as opposed to a replacement.” While Adora Nwodo further added to the point by saying, “It's time we look at ourselves as not just users of AI but also creators of AI.”

Fisayo wrapped up the AI conversation by saying, “You have to provide value to be worthy of something.” Regardless of the new wave of AI, you have to first be valuable.

The Content Creation panel session featuring Josh2funny, Elozonam, and Folasade Daini was some creators' highlights of the summit. Especially creators who wanted to learn how to start creating content online.

A key takeaway from their session would be to start with what you have, where you are. And as you grow, Elozonam says, "Be so good that you hardly get a no."

Josh2funny, a popular comedian and actor advises “to give room for growth and focus on doing what you love endlessly.”

Folasade advised creators to genuinely care about the audience and the brands they work with. She topped it up by advising creators to avoid burnout by knowing what their limit is and not overstretching it.

The final session of the day was the Creator Economy Panel session with Douglas Kendyson, Mylene Flicka, Evans Akanno, and Ayobami Oyaleke where they discussed the future of the creator economy and how Africans can take charge of it.

Overall, the Creator Summit was a mind-shifting experience for creators where they had the opportunity to learn from experienced speakers and pick insights to guide them on their creator journey.

If you missed any session of the Digital Creator Summit, you can rewatch it on Selar’s Youtube Channel.

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