Seamfix launches personal NIN verification service

Personal NIN service is developed to allow users check for the validity of their NIN and confirm their registration details all by themselves.

Seamfix launches personal NIN verification service
Photo credit: Seamfix

Seamfix, a leading software development company in the identity management niche, has launched its latest services - Personal National Identification Number (NIN).

Personal NIN is created to solve the various challenges people face during processes that require the presentation of their NIN. Whether it's the delay between official enrollment and authorization, to incorrect details on the official National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) database after registration. Users can potentially save precious time and resources by using the personal NIN service as a bridge between yourself and NIMC.

Personal NIN service is developed as an added feature under, to allow users check the validity of their NIN and confirm the registration details all by themselves.

“Having been in the ID registration industry for over 2 years now, we found out that during the registration process for a national identity number, there usually is delay between the time of registration and the time of official approval”, said Joachim Odo, Product Manager for Verified.

He continued: “So the enrollee has to go back and forth to confirm their NIN status or sometimes, after approval, it turns out their record details such as first name and date of birth are misplaced. This usually causes chaotic problems for other instances where their NIN is required such as passport registration.”

The Personal NIN service will enable people to bypass these problems at the earliest stage possible, so they could nip any issues in the bud before it gets problematic. “Swift verification, happier customers” as its tagline says, the service allows users to go through just two steps to verify their NIN details. First, by selecting the verification type (NIN Full Details or NIN Validity Check ) and by inputting their details.

Standout Features

  • Verification report in less than two minutes: Personal NIN has a straightforward interface that makes navigation easy; hence, it boasts of quick interaction and quick response.
  • Comprehensive report: Personal NIN does not only report invalidity, but it informs the user of what is incorrect about the details such as first name, DOB, state of origin etc.
  • Reduces future complications: Once users know beforehand whether their NIN is valid or not, it can influence their decisions before spending time and money on any registration. Users can use this service immediately for as little as ₦100.

Seamfix is a people and software development company that helps organisations seamlessly automate complex processes so that they can be more productive, satisfy their customers, and boost their revenues.

The Personal NIN service was launched on July 15th, 2022.

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