Nigerian developers build apps for #SayNoToSocialMediaBill

Use the apps to reach out to your senator and #SayNoToSocialMediaBill

Nigerian developers build apps for #SayNoToSocialMediaBill

Either as a result of Nigerians nonchalance or sheer political apathy, the Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulation Bill 2019 (AKA Social Media Bill (SMB) has passed the second reading in the Senate House.

The second reading is the fifth stage of the legislative process in Nigeria. This means the SMB has only six more stages till it becomes a law.

Contrary to the propaganda being propagated by its proponent, Senator Muhammad Sani Musa (APC-Niger East), the SMB will essentially stifle public discourse on social media and provide a leeway for the Federal Government to shutdown the internet. More than five African governments have set a disturbing precedence of shutting down internet in their countries.

Therefore, civil society organisations (CSOs) and concerned Nigerians have called on every citizen that mean well for the country to talk to the senator representing their constituency and demand the quashing of the demonic bill. The list of all 109 senators and their contact details was made public.

To make it accessible for all and sundry, Nigerian developers decided to produce web and mobile apps that will allow anyone to easily call, message or send their senator a mail. The apps also have templates of messages to be sent, making it easy for everyone to #SayNoToSocialMediaBill

Enough is Enough Nigeria (EiE Nigeria) database provide similar service and comprehensive information about each senator in the 9th Assembly.

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These are the web and mobile apps developed for #SayNoToSocialMediaBill

1. Senate Members Directory developed by Samaila Philemon Bala

Senate Member Directory

2. List of Nigerian Senators and Contacts developed by Bola Ahmed Buari

List of Nigerian Senators and Contacts

3. Nigeria Senators mobile app developed by Rotibi Adedeji

Nigerian Senators App

4.  Nigeria Senators developed by Olalekan Kolapo

Nigeria Senators

5. Senators contacts by name or by state developed by Silas Adedoyin

Nigeria Senators Contact

6. Know your leaders developed by Soliudeen Ogunsola

Know Your Leaders

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