SantaBen Giveaway for Tech Talents in Nigeria 2020

SantaBen Giveaway for Tech Talents in Nigeria 2020
Benjamin Dada

SantaBen Giveaway is an initiative aimed and improving the quality of tech talents (Product Managers, Designers and Developers) in Nigeria, started by Benjamin Dada in 2019.

It receives donation from friends and others interested in supporting the growing talent ecosystem in Nigeria. This year’s giveaway is being supported by Product Manager Fisayo, Developer Moyin, Designer Imasuen and Product/Process Manager Busayo.

It also partners directly with the training entities to get discounted prices for their courses. This year, SantaBen is partnering with Product Dive to train aspiring & experienced Product Managers. Through the giveaway, Product Dive will award a 40% scholarship to 9 winners and a 100% scholarship to one winner, subject to terms and conditions

Also, SantaBen has partnered with Designer Babe to give out 15 copies of her "Clueless To Designer" book to winners of the giveaway.

How to participate in and win SantaBen's Giveaway for 2020

To participate in SantaBen's giveaway:

  • Make a tweet using the appropriate hashtag (see below) and makes a case for why you should win. Below is an example of what is expected from participants:
  • Get as many retweets as possible
  • The judging panel will review submissions
  • The panel will communicate next steps to both the shortlisted participants and the members of the public
  • Enrollment into training or access to training is granted to winners

*Please note, you can not participate in more than one track per giveaway cycle. So, if you participate in the Product Managers giveaway, you are not allowed to participate in the Designers giveaway.

T&Cs for Product Dive and SantaBen Giveaway

This 2020 Product Dive x SantaBen scholarship applies to only Cohort 8 which starts early next year, January. So, the giveaway runs from now till the end of this month, December 31st and winners will be announced on Tuesday, 5th January, 2021.

To win a partial or full scholarship from Product Dive, there are few things to fulfil.

For the full scholarship, all you need to do is:

  • Tweet with these two hashtags: #santaBen2020 #ProductDiveScholarship
  • Get enough retweets, so as to be shortlisted for interview
  • Pray to win after the interview process
  • If you do not win but come top 10, you are automatically considered for the partial scholarship for 40%
  • To win the partial scholarship, you need to make a commitment on or before 30th December to pay the balance
  • Once you pay, your conditional scholarship is activated!

T&Cs for Designer Babe x SantaBen Giveaway

SantaBen partnered with Designer Babe to give out 15 copies of her new book, "Clueless to Designer".

To be one of the 15 winners, simply:

  • Tweet with these two hashtags: #santaBen2020 #DesignerBabeGiveaway stating why you should be considered to win the book
  • Be as convincing as possible, perhaps, link your portfolio or talk about your motivation for crossing over to the field of design
  • A panel of judges will look through and pick out 15 people who would win
  • Winners will be announced on the 26th December, 2020

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