Nigerian eCommerce solution, Salescabal, relaunches as Bumpa

Formerly known as SalesCabal, Bumpa is an eCommerce service that provides merchants and small business owners with the end-to-end digital tools required to manage and grow their businesses online.

Nigerian eCommerce solution, Salescabal, relaunches as Bumpa

Salescabal, an online store and inventory management system has just unveiled a new name, a new logo and a new website as part of an extensive rebranding initiative. The service will now be known as Bumpa.

Bumpa is built to help merchants and businesses:

  • Manage inventory/products
  • Fulfil orders and track sales
  • Accept online payments
  • Get a free customizable website to list products
  • Request for logistics service to help them deliver physical products with ease
  • Engage customers and much more on the go with their smartphones.

Having worked with many small business owners, the founders, Adetunji Opayele and Kelvin Umechukwu noticed the absence of non-technical eCommerce solutions tailored for the African market. They went on to work tirelessly to create a solution with all the tools merchants need to manage and grow their businesses online with ease.

According to Kelvin Umechukwu, “Covid-19 pandemic made running a small business in Nigeria more difficult than it normally is and at the same time, provided an opportunity for businesses to leverage on technology tools. This is why we built Bumpa. Over the last few months, we poured our hearts and time into creating a new image that would accurately depict who we are, and the problem we are solving for merchants.”

Since its beta phase as Salescabal, the eCommerce solution has helped over 1,500 merchants go from operating their businesses offline to having a complete online presence with a storefront and a companion mobile application to help them collect customer data in their brick and mortar stores.

We decided to ask the founders a few questions about the change:

What does the name Bumpa mean?

Bumpa comes from the word, “Bumper” which according to the Oxford Dictionary means, “exceptionally large, fine, or successful”. Bumpa app provides all the basic tools our merchants need to become successful and grow their businesses in a very cost effective way.

Why the change in branding and color?

Green denotes growth, so we chose green as our color. We want to help our merchants become successful and that is our focus right now. The change in branding is as a result of the learnings from the beta release (as Salescabal) - we had the time to study what our customers considered important to them and then we focused on building on top of that.

Now our customers can create variations of their products, send WhatsApp messages to their customers, send a payment request to their customers and also upload more than one image on a particular product.

The new identity was developed through a collaborative process and reflects the company’s passion for helping merchants find an easy route to the eCommerce world.

Furthermore, Bumpa introduces the new domain name which gives sellers on the platform an instant recognition as an ecommerce brand and also improves the search engine optimisation and visibility of merchants stores powered by Bumpa. Examples of merchants that already use the domain include Mary Moh's Jewels, The Ajala store and The Scarf Shop.

The new website offers a warm and engaging design, easy to use navigation optimised perfectly for desktop, mobile and tablet use; Bumpa also offers users the ease of using their mobile applications which can be downloaded on Apple and Google App stores. The website also boasts a blog/resource centre for business owners, amongst other helpful content.

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