Rubies Bank is set to host the inaugural edition of its fintech event on February 21, 2020, at FreeMe Digital, Lekki, Lagos, 10 AM prompt.

The event, which is tagged: Tech Meets Banking (TMB), will introduce financial institutions, insurance companies, merchants, bankers and tech enthusiasts to the different solutions and products of Rubies Bank.

The parent company of Rubies Bank, Rubies Microfinance Bank Limited, launched it as a fully digital bank last year June to disrupt traditional banking. With Rubies, users can choose their account number, get free debit cards, and be an independent banker.

As an independent banker, customers earn money whenever anyone they introduce to the platform performs a transaction. Inter-bank transfers also cost only ₦10, regardless of the amount, on the Rubies Bank’s platform.

In addition to being a fully digital bank, Rubies has also simplified and codified banking services and systems into APIs. These APIs allows individuals, businesses, groups, as well as fintech companies to do anything banks could do.

In short, Rubies is a digital bank on a mission to give users the freedom they truly deserve by democratising banking services. So they offer a number of financial solutions as a service, including, Fintech-as-a-Service (FaaS), KYC-as-a-Service (KaaS), and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS).

The #RubiesTMB 2020, first in a series of annual fintech events that Rubies will be organising, would intimate everyone who attends with how Rubies works and its raison d'être.

The objective of the event is to introduce Rubies products and creations in various levels of completeness to partners, clients, potential customers, developers, fintech community, financial institutions, insurance companies, students, exchanges, businesses, merchants, etc.

Everyone is invited. Register here.

What to expect at Tech Meets Banking 2020:

  • Developer Session: API and open-source developer Console. New opportunities For developers
  • Crowd Pitch: Crowd pitch to gain paid internship at a fintech firm.
  • Panel Session: Discussions and ideas from great minds across the fintech industry
  • New Startup: Rubies aims to empower startups. So come show what you offer
  • Digital Products: New products unveiling. Different FinTech Products.
  • New Payment Methods: Discover new FinTech trends and Payment methods for your business