Retna launches the Shutterstock for Africa

Retna launches Shutterstock for Africa and help to revolutionise marketing content creation in the region

Retna launches the Shutterstock for Africa

Retna, a new library of authentic African imagery, has officially launched in public beta, providing creatives and brands with an extensive collection of high-quality photos, featuring diverse subjects, concepts, and stories, all captured by talented photographers across the continent.

The platform which seeks to knock Shutterstock off its perch is working to inspire and uncover the power of meaningful visual storytelling with its vast library of authentic African images that immerse viewers in the continent's rich and dynamic cultures.

Retna was founded by Tomiwa Ogunmodede, Temi Olateru, and Charles Eke to democratise the ability of creatives to produce accurate representations of African stories.

This was driven by their frustration with the high cost and impracticality of constant custom shoots during their individual careers at leading Nigerian brands like Farmcrowdy, Treepz, Decagon and Check DC. Tomiwa stresses that "ensuring that authentic images and videos of Africa created by Africans are accessible is crucial in reshaping the world's perception of the continent".

Temi agrees, stating that "Retna can challenge stereotypes and make it easier for creatives to showcase African culture and diversity". Charles also adds that “Retna is about more than just amazing imagery; it's about taking ownership of the African story.”

Retna is fueled by a fast-growing community of talented designers and photographers from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and beyond, hoping to revolutionise the way African stories are told.

Contributors on Retna can use their profiles as portfolios and be commissioned based on search data to create fresh and distinctive content while earning additional income.

But Retna's mission goes beyond simply empowering creatives: the platform also provides education and resources to help them navigate the commercial side of their work, including managing model and location releases and providing legal protection.

The platform's collaborative approach fosters a sense of community and shared purpose, as Tomiwa explains, "with Retna, billions of dollars spent on marketing and advertising globally can now be directed towards creating accurate representations of African stories, benefiting both African creatives and businesses."

If you are searching for high-quality and authentic African imagery, Retna is the ideal platform to explore; join the community today and discover Africa's beauty and diversity community today and discover the beauty and diversity that Africa has to offer.

Retna, a free library of high-quality photos of Africa, launched in public beta in 2023, featuring a vast collection of photos contributed by talented photographers across the continent.

The platform aims to challenge stereotypes and showcase Africa's diversity through the eyes of its people while empowering African photographers and creatives, providing greater exposure, extra income, and vital education and resources to navigate the business side of creative work effectively.

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