Rensource has launched a platform,, where small- and medium-sized retailers can be discovered to service and fulfil customers orders.

Founded in 2016, Rensource is a renewable energy and merchant services company. It announced the launch of digital platform on Tuesday as a way of supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

On, users can buy and discover. The buy feature allows anyone to directly purchase goods and services from any of the listed partner-SMEs. While the discover feature aggregates all essential services, contact details and delivery methods available in real-time.

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"At Rensource, we're focused on connecting people to the most important things", Anu Adasolum, Rensource's chief operating officer, said. "Energy has always been our core business but in light of the pandemic, we see the opportunity to help small businesses by giving them access to customers online."

"The launch of Merchlist will ensure that small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy, stay in business. And everyday consumers can continue to access essential goods", she continued. "Merchlist aims to connect as many businesses as possible to the millions of internet users in Nigeria—simply, easily and quickly".

Some of the retailers listed on are Grocery Bazar, Grand Square, Rx Pharmacy, Food Jaar, and The Meat Shop. The platform, currently in its beta testing stage, accepts a limited number of order per day.

According to Rensource, plans are underway to roll out in additional markets across Nigeria to connect more SMEs, merchants, and users.

Anu added that Rensource has also launched a fund to support the families of merchants during period.

"Donations by merchlist is providing food, medical and essential supplies to these families through our partner NGOs: Lagos Food Bank, Foundation for the Support of the Less Privileged and Dream from the Slum", Anu said. "We know that we cannot do this alone. So, we are calling on well-meaning Nigerians to contribute to the fund".

According to the statement released by Rensource, the addition to merchlist to its product portfolio is consistent with the company’s mission, providing access to essential items including groceries, toiletries, beauty and cleaning products.

With merchlist, Rensource has broaden the scope of its mission to enable access to critical services, which initially focused on energy.