5 remote-friendly companies with a lot of flexibility and good pay

A list of remote-friendly companies you can work for that pay pretty well and give you a lot of flexibility.

5 remote-friendly companies with a lot of flexibility and good pay

Editor's Note: This is a guest post from Edem Kumodzi, former senior consultant at Andela Ghana.

I've been getting a lot of messages on Twitter from folks looking for opportunities of where they can make a decent living.

So, I made a (very) short list of remote-friendly companies you can work for that **pay pretty well** and give you **a lot of flexibility.**

Heads-up: I know there are many sites out there but I'm recommending the ones that I know people have used to find jobs successfully. So, I can vouch for the five companies on this list. And I didn't include Andela because it's not freelancing. You can't pause work anytime you want when you are working full time. Which is why I mentioned flexibility.

1. Gigster Network

This was where I freelanced most of the time when I moved back to Ghana in 2016. The nice thing about Gigster is that they pay San Francisco rates regardless of where you are in the world. Data engineers, designers, software developers, product managers and DevOps, check it out.

2. Toptal

Toptal is super great because of the caliber of clients they work for and the exposure they give their freelancers. The interview process is extremely hard though and pay depends on location. But it's still a decent company. Software engineers, product managers, UX designers, and people in finance, give it a go.

3. Crossover

Crossover is by far the network that pays the best salaries. But. Be ready for the level of pressure that comes with it. The interview process is extremely hard (think Google- and Facebook-type of interview).

There are opportunities for software engineers, quality assurance, site reliability engineers, cloud engineers, product managers, data analysts and data scientists. I know nine people who are working for Crossover in Ghana. One of them is a chief software architect.

4. Turing

It is fairly new but I've heard some good things about it. Turing is only for software developers looking to work for American companies.

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5. AngelList

If working for early-stage companies that offer equity is appealing to you, then AngelList is definitely for you. Set up a profile and filter for remote jobs to see what you like. There are opportunities for almost any role you can think of.

You can also check out these sites too:


Do not, and I repeat, do not limit yourself to Ghana (or wherever your current location is). There are so many opportunities out there and you should absolutely take your skills where they will be valued the most. Ghana (or your current location) is a small country and a small market.

Edem Kumodzi is the Director of Technology at Africa Foresight Group—an advisory firm owned and managed by Africans aimed at building local companies into global champions.

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