Prackage, a Lagos-based personal branding startup launched yesterday to enable professionals to take control of their own narrative and get the right attention for their accomplishments.

Personal branding is the process of intentionally creating and influencing the public perception of an individual. This is done by positioning them as an authority in an industry or differentiating them from the competition and increasing their reputation.

Basically, your personal brand doesn’t even have to be about you being famous and well-known. Prackage is founded to make it easier for you to build and manage your personal brand, no matter what your goal is and we do that using affordable packages and decentralised talents who just get things done for you easily, you know, like a concierge.

Currently been bootstrapped, Prackage's philosophy is that "everything you do is a story about you. This is why we crafted our packages to amplify and put only the best side of you out there. So, no matter what your personal branding objective is, plans are carefully selected to improve your public image in small or big ways".

Nauteeq Bello, the Founder and Product Lead at Prackage stated that he was inspired with his childhood experience, Bolt Food and Oliver to build the startup. "When I was a child, every time my mommy sends me on errands, she’d say something like ‘buy garri from Iya Wasiu, don’t buy from Oyinbo, his garri is too sour’ and this same sentiment applied to her relationship with other retailers on our street and the streets around where we lived", he said.

Bello added that, "on the street, you knew who was the harshest retailer, you knew the ones that’d beg you to take Indomie [noodles] on credit and won’t harass you until your husband could afford to give you money to pay; you knew the one that sold only the best and quality goods; you knew the mallam that sold every single thing; you knew the ones that accepted returns and the ones that didn’t".

Prior to starting Prackage, Bello has worked in journalism, content creation and advertisement. He served as an Editorial Assistant at Bella Naija.

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While Bello is tasked with driving Prackage's growth, product management and client liaison, his colleague Akinyele Akin-Johnson would oversee business operations and staff management.