PennyTree 2.0 launches with Penn Rules—lifestyle savings platform

Penn Rules is a digital lifestyle product that provides users with the ability to monetize their addiction.

PennyTree 2.0 launches with Penn Rules—lifestyle savings platform
Penn Rules

PennyTree has announced the launch of Penn Rules, a digital lifestyle product that allows users to integrate savings habits with their lifestyle.

The first of its kind in Nigeria, Penn Rules provides users with the ability to monetize their addiction. What this means is that users can save as they interact in the digital village without second guessing (Tweet and Save, Snap and Save, Visit and Save), save as they earn (Receive and Save), and save as they spend (Pay and Save, Transfer and Save).

Study shows that the number of internet users in Nigeria is around One Hundred and Nine Million. Internet freedom in Nigeria is among the most established in Africa. The dependence on technology has made our lives easier and at the same time, sprung up dependence issues. It is fast becoming a major problem as it affects our daily lives and decreases productivity. Due to this, several solutions have been brought forward to help curb this addiction but there remains a solution that hasn’t been explored yet.

Penn Rules is a response to the growing addiction of people to social media and the latest offering in the long line of PennyTree’s innovative products and services aimed at adding value to people’s lives. To enjoy Penn Rules, existing customers simply need to update their PennyTree app while new users can either download the app via Google play store or the App store

PennyTree users can now monetize their addiction. So let's say you are addicted to Twitter and you can’t go a day without putting in less than 20 tweets a day. Rather than a just tweet, you can tell the smart app to save N100 for every time you tweet. Amazing! PennyTree has managed to evolve from the conventional lock and save method that we all know or even the regular daily debits and made it ten times better and easier for everyone to save. They’ve remodified the perks for savings that were not evident everywhere and ultimately make them unique and put them at the forefront of fintech apps.

Commenting on the launch of Penn Rules, the Co-founder of PennyTree, Ayo Ogunlowo, said; “We are proud and happy to launch this savings initiative which we believe will have a tremendous impact on people's lives. Penn Rules is more than just savings, it reflects our passion for integrating finance and lifestyle as one component."

He further stated, “the process leading up to this has been a hell of a ride filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, blood and sweat and even laughter. There is so much more to be done in transforming the Savings space. The adventure is just beginning; consumers will not settle for average and at PennyTree neither do we. Thank you for your support and belief, we hope you join us on where our adventure takes us next, and together we can create wonders.”

PennyTree is a SuperApp established in 2021 that caters to people’s needs by integrating Lifestyle with Finance, making it easy & fun to build wealth, spend wisely and interact with digital habitual activities and utilities on their mobile phones in real-time as they live & interact. In the digital space, PennyTree has been regarded as a game changer and should serve as a role model within not just the savings industry but Fintech as a whole.

This article was written by Dumebi Okafor, Marketing and Comms Lead at PennyTree

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